By the time this posts, this guy and I will be hours away from hitting our big hike: the Grand Canyon, rim to rim, which is twenty-four miles.
I pretty much might die.  So send prayers our way!!
Oh boy.
This has been kind of an adventure because there was some kind of water pipe problem or something or other that closed off hiking options, and because of that we thought we may not be able to do it (family scheduling conflicts).  
But then it opened back up again a few weeks ago and we decided we were going to go for it.  
The original plan was to do Rim-to-Rim-to-RIM (yes, all the way down and up, then down and up again the next day), but Dave and I have a little family reunion with his family the second day so we unfortunately couldn’t do the second day (dang!).  We didn’t know if we were going to be able to figure out the logistics of getting there and getting back for this reunion, but everything has kind of fallen into place so I guess it’s meant to be!  And we’re excited.  (The rest of the group will continue on the next day, and another couple will bring us a car on the North side so they can hike back with everyone else and we will head out.)
I mentioned back on Mother’s Day that Dave and I have different ideas about hiking.  We both like it and dread it in totally different ways.  For example, Dave is not a fan of hiking with Lucy in tow because it makes him worry so much about her, and I am a huge fan of easy stuff with her because it means she’s “in the arena” and seeing and experiencing things before she really can’t any more.  Dave loves the “getting there” and I love the “enjoying the journey.”  So it’s going to be fun to see if we can enjoy both on this big wing-dinger of a hike!  
I love to go spring hiking with friends so I’ve tried to get out whenever I can, and Dave and I did a little hike together (back HERE and another one I haven’t written about yet, but WILL), but we decided we better do a semi-long hike before the real deal to prepare.

So we got up at 4:45 on Saturday and hit a close-by trail to get in as many miles as we could.

Oh man that is early, but the desert is so gorgeous in the sunrise.

Even if it’s just whisking by my car window, colors rushing together to create so much beauty.

We got our water packs ready and headed off (with a few of the other people who will be hiking the real deal with us).

(We were with some friends too, but all I got was this pic. with anyone else…which is appropriate since this may be much of my view hiking the Grand Canyon.)

I clocked in close to sixteen miles that day.

By the end my knee was starting to seize up a little bit, so I took a whole slew of pictures to take my mind off of it.

So I’m taking you along with me here for a minute, cause isn’t this just so beautiful?

I think this hike is going to be hard, but the biggest thing I’m worried about is not having my real camera to capture it all.  Wish I could hike it along!

By the end my hands were so swollen it was nasty!

(Half way through my ring was getting so tight I had to take it off..claustrophobia sets in for me!)

Can’t wait to see how this day plays out…and all the gorgeous things we are going to be able to see along the way…if I’m not too delirious to see them:)

It will be a day to remember, that’s for sure!  


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