Dave got home this week and we are all pleased as can be about it. We were sitting at the dinner table laughing about something last night and I was so thankful for how much better life is with him around. Not only did he bring himself, but he brought us all treats, including a great new collection of DVDs. They’re the ones still in the movie theaters so you never know how great they will be but I’m excited to see my new copy of “Becoming Jane.” We were so excited to surprise Dave with all the little projects we did while he was gone.

First of all we got rid of all the baby stuff Lucy’s grown out of…exersaucer, infant car seat and bouncy seat that were taking up a bunch of room. As the lady walked out the door with them, Elle looked up at me and said, “Mom! Why are you getting rid of all that stuff? What about when we have another baby??” When I explained that we are having no more babies she reminded me that we REALLY need to have one more boy. I proceeded to explain that it took me two years to talk Dad into having Lucy, and that I promised him I wouldn’t ask for another if he gave me number five. She looked at me completely incredulously and said, “Mom, Dad can’t just tell you you can’t have any more babies!!” She was completely appalled with my submission. I had to laugh and tell her no matter how many babies we have we’ll always want another one because we love them so darn much, but that it really is time to be done so we can help and be there for the five “babies” we have right now. She’s coming to grips (as still am I).

Another thing we did is we transformed our kitchen “dining nook” from this…

to this…
I know, I know, some laminated map on the wall isn’t the peak of beautiful home decor, but I bought this map last year and put it in the playroom…being a travel addict I just feel like it’s SO important for my kids to know about the world. We put red stickers on all the places at least one of us has been and we all put other color stickers on the places we want to go. And we loved it, but it’s hidden up there and we don’t discuss it that much. So I decided what the heck, it better go right by our kitchen table so it can be at our fingertips all the time. So far we’ve had so many great discussions about where things are in the world and I love it!

Quote of the week…
I was sitting with the girls in the tub one night, telling them how darn lucky they are to have each-other…they each have THREE sisters to grow up with and be best friends with. We got talking about when they get older and Gracie piped in, “Mom, when Lucy is a mom you’ll probably be dead.” Nice. I guess that’s how very old she feels I am.

Question of the week…
Why are children’s squishy, sticky lips and grimy fingers magnetized by clean glass? I’m trying so hard to comprehend and solve that mystery.

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  1. Love the transformation, you have a great eye when putting things together…or taking pictures…or even creating beautiful babies!! I love keeping tabs on your family through your blog, thanks for updating it.

  2. Looks great Shawni! What a fun map. Good idea…I think I’ll do that in my “play room”! I can’t tell you how much I loved Becoming Jane. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! And I love Elle’s independence… my kind of girl! 😉

  3. Love the new look, and LOVE your blogs. I think the map is great. We had a map in the dining room growing up (except ours was under the table glass), and then Jonah and I had one on the wall by the dining table in New Zealand. You’ve made me recommit to getting one again. Love your writing too!

  4. Saw Dave at the gym the day after he got home! Welcome back to him and lovely new dining nook. We have a map too, but it’s only of Scotland. Too bad we haven’t even been there.

  5. Kitchen looks AWESOME…you know how much I love Maps! I may have to borrow “Becoming Jane” from you because I loved it SO MUCH!! I’m still not sure if I’ve gotten over it! SO GLAD Dave is home.

  6. Love the dining room looks nice. I like to rearrange and redecorate when Mark is out of town too. He’s jokes around about what is going to be different when he comes back from a trip. There is always something.

  7. Hi Shawni.. I’ve met you a few times.. here and there… I went to HS w/ Dave and am good friends w/ Greg and Rebecca Garn…
    Anyways.. I was blog surfing and ended up finding yours. I love the beautiful things you write about. You have wonderful passion 🙂 It makes me want to be better!!!!!!

  8. Forgot to mention… my husband has to be out of town here and there for business as well. When he’s gone.. I do the same thing!!! I completely turned my dining room into a “piano” room last week.. a “NO TOYS ALLOWED” room 🙂 A few years ago, he was gone and I had Greg and Rebecca come help me hang crown molding in the family area! I agree w/ you – I can get so much more done around the house when he’s not here 🙂

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