My girls usually jump to pose for pictures (ok, except for on busy street corners surrounded by insects like the other night). They eat up being in the spotlight. Most of them are drama queens and soak up attention like sponges. And then there’s my Max. I sit and wonder, once in a while, how I got so lucky to get my boy. Mellow in the antics of four surrounding, adoring little sisters. I love how he’ll still give me kisses (although I see him wipe them off once in a while), and he still beams when I go volunteer in his classroom, still loves me to come take him out to lunch. I want to hold on to him at this stage with all my might. He’s an awesome swimmer, just started Fall baseball, teases…just the right amount to bug his sisters and most of the time just the right amount to make me smile (I always wished I had a big brother to tease me…growing up I thought my friends, disgusted by their big, teasing brothers, were so lucky). Sticks his tongue out when he’s concentrating. Sweet…can’t get enough of Lucy’s smiles and always looks for her when he gets home from school.
They say in fifth grade they can choose to be in band or strings.
He and his friends decided they’d choose the big old cello.
He carries it to and from school by himself and even practices. I love the sound of those deep strings.

I love this boy. I’m so thankful he’s mine.

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  1. Shawni, I love your blog. Wish you lived close by! I had to laugh at yout photoshoot blog. It was all too familiar.

    My brother, Glenn, called me the other night and asked who “shawni” was. I told him I had never met you but loved your blog. Anyway, turns out your brother was his roommate. I guess he visited him in Arizona after he left HB and came to your home. Small world!

  2. Hey Julie, I love your blog too…I love getting inspired by the great things in blogs. Which of my brothers does your brother know? I have five of them. SUCH a small world.

  3. I just found a comment you left about the photo slide shows that are on my blog. You just click on the bottom of the show where it says “Make Your Own” and then it gives you different options to do. You will need to paste the code it gives you into your “add a page element” –HTML/Java Script. I love that I don’t have to compress the pictures I have to fit the blog, it does it for you. Good luck, they can be a lot of fun to put together. Also, can I get you to take our family photo in late October or November??

  4. This was such a sweet post, Shawni! Even though I haven’t seen Max since he was tiny, I could still feel his sweet spirit shining through your words and the photos 🙂 I also love the way the light hits the cello through the venetian blinds perpendicular to the strings. I sit next to the cellos in orchestra and think they have the most beautifully soothing sound. Tell Max – way to go!

  5. Max is such a sweet boy. I wish I could freeze my boy right now, not ready for him to enter the teen years. I think Max and Christian would get along great. They seem to have similiar personalities. Aren’t you so glad he is the oldest to be a good example to his younger ones?

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