The big Homecoming dance came and went.

Grace had the best night.

Let’s back up to the “day date” though…

Her cute date showed up bright and early and their group got to go to the lake. 

Grace proclaimed it “the best day ever.”

I had to be out of town for the actual dance day (which killed me at first, but it all worked out pretty beautifully), so Grace and I were ON IT with the preparations and didn’t procrastinate like we usually do.

We found the perfect dress…but in the wrong size, so we ordered the correct one and got to work on all the accessories, etc.

 Meanwhile there was a lot of other Homecoming prep going on through student council:

(Those kids turned that gym into a pretty dreamy spot…wish I had good pictures of that!)

We had a serious fiasco with the dress company that kept giving varying “estimated arrival” days…Grace and I were SO frustrated since it didn’t arrive before I had to go to science camp and I so wanted to see it on her.  But then we got nervous it wouldn’t even arrive by the dance.  After lots of complications and frustrations (ASOS had some pretty horrible customer service I have to say!), Grace finally got a hold of someone at UPS, and then marched her way right over to their main office and waited…all of us crossing our fingers…and FOUND THAT PACKAGE!! 

It was a joyous celebration I tell you!

Then it was dance prep time.

 I love these pictures Dave took of her and her little assistant 🙂

(I know I have another one with her and Elle’s friend who helped her with her make-up but I can’t find it right now.)

  Check out this beauty!

Four or five of the guys in their group (including Grace’s date) had a volleyball tournament that didn’t get over until after dark, so the girls went to the pictures solo:

And then he arrived…such a great guy.

And they danced the night away and had so much fun.

And just like that, there’s another Homecoming dance down in the history books.

High school really is so fun.


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