Clear back in October Dave took me to see one of his college friends in concert.
His name is Ryan (aka Kaskade), and I’ll tell you what:  he kinda knows how to attract a crowd.

Since his concert didn’t start until 11:30 (yes, you heard that right, the part about 11:30 and the part about how old I am to think that’s so darn late), so we went out for sushi with our dear friends who we met there and went here for dessert:

Yow, now that is some fancy stuff.

We headed back to the venue and watched it go from this:

To this:
People were packed in there like sardines.
Ryan mixes and produces dance music.  
Like, a really funky kind.

He started mixing stuff in college, and then started producing it later.
…and boy howdy, people are in love with that stuff.

We got to hang out in any place we wanted, up high, back behind the stage, right in the midst of that sea of people down there holding up humongous cut-outs of Ryan’s head and dying over how in love with him they are.

The cool thing is that he is pretty darn humble about it all.

And did I mention he is Mormon with a beautiful wife and two darling little girls?

I think that would be tough stuff for most people.  He travels all over the world and has late-night concerts all the time.

Here he is in Australia recently:

But he and his wife take it in great stride.  She was there hanging out with us too.

I think the concert wrapped up around 2:00am.

On the way back to the dressing room Dave and I hung out for a little bit on the stage where they do the Emmys.

Then we hung out ’til after 4:00…with our friends, his cute wife and his producers, etc.

Oh man alive I felt old as I crawled into bed at 5:00 and had to get up at 6:30 the morning.  
But it was sure fun to live the life of a young buck for a night 🙂


  1. So fun! Our cousin, Mark Owens, is his photographer with him in Australia right now. It is amazing seeing the awesome photos he posts on facebook!

  2. I love your blog! I recently started a website called It started with me wanting to keep inspirational stories etc for my girls (I know that's where Heavenly Father knew I could wrap my brain around it:-)) and it has snowballed. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father has a plan and His hand is in all of this. It's been an amazing journey, and hard as well. I would love to be in touch. I would love if you were interested in sharing Lucy's story on our site, or yours, or if any of your family was interested in sharing a story. There is a place for adults stories, teens, and kidz. Check it out and let me know what you think. I feel that we are sharing the same message. The REAL parts of our lives is what makes us amazing and life has purpose and can be enjoyed! I love learning from others strengths and living life to it's fullest. My email is I know you are busy, thank you so much! -Lindsey

  3. You briefly commented on this several months back & prior to that I'd never heard of the dude. Anyway, shortly after your post my much younger cousin, posted on Facebook that she was at his concert and I felt very 'in the know', haha 🙂

  4. My best friend recently invited me to go with her to a similar concert that started at midnight. I said no. I am way too old to stay up that late! And no matter what time you go to bed, the kids still get up at 6 am!

  5. Never heard of this musician before but he seems to be doing some pretty funky stuff. I bet your oldest two would have been delighted to experience that concert 🙂
    As I read on your parents' blog you all plan a family trip together soon? Will you share something about that?
    Have a great day 🙂

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