• 96 finger/toe nails clipped (Grace beat me to it and cut four of her own)
  • one struggling plant re-planted
  • jet lag pretty much out of systems
  • gifts brought back from China to kids thoroughly enjoyed until destroyed
  • Mommy date with Elle…of all places she chose to go to the gym…great workout. It’s tough to have excuses to stop running on the treadmill when your ten year old is whipping your booty next to you going faster than you are.
  • Daddy date with Max to FINALLY get his new cell phone (yes, we are suckers for this kid, but believe me, he’s earned it and has worn us out with begging for it for two years and has fully committed to paying for the service every month)
  • 68 e-mails replied to
  • Saturday chores done
  • seven swim excursions to the back yard
  • one baby wailing herself to sleep each night endured
  • Lots of kisses given out (Lucy’s finally a serious kisser…nothing better than those chubby puckered lips coming your way)
  • One giant tree uprooted in one of these crazy monsoon storms and then successfully salvaged (after getting tons of branches cut off) …ok, this really happened before we left for China, but hey, it was a weekend.
  • one haircut begged for and then given…now on to more begging from two other girls to get theirs cut the same
  • one new way figured out to point out where her nose is:
  • leg muscles strengthened while walking around with Lucy firmly attached to them…this is my view…
  • but lots of smiles given out too
  • a successful overnight get-away with cousins under our belts, including feeding 23 people at Denny’s……and successfully maneuvering the wave pool and the big waterslides there
  • lots of snugglingOk, I guess now it’s finally time to get down to business on a normal school routine schedule. Gotta get planning…

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  1. Shawni you make me laugh!
    I just want to pick up Lucy and kiss those cheeks! She is too cute. I love the one of her crying at your feet.
    Sounds like a busy weekend!!!

  2. I'm exhausted just reading that. I love the toe & fingernail cutting. It's so hard to keep up with that, isn't it!
    When, or if, things ever mellow out, let's plan to meet up.
    It's been way too long!
    I love checking in on your blog.
    Your amazing-ness overwhelms me!

  3. Looks like a great weekend with lots accomplished- those are the best kind aren’t they? Wishing too for a few more lazy summer days. Let me know what fabulous planning ideas you have… i could really use some. thanks.

  4. Looks like you guys covered a lot of ground this weekend! Blake bought Kiley’s old cell phone and he pays for his service and it has been the greatest thing because we dont have to hunt him down in the neighborhood. You will love it! We need to get together. Call me we keep playing phone tag.

  5. Hey Shawni! I still love reading your blog. I’m not a mom yet – hopefully someday soon – and I love all the things you do for your kids. I would love to be able to check out one of your classes about parenting.

    Also, do you do a lot of photoshoping to your pictures, or do they jsut naturally come out that crisp? I’m having the hardest time figuring out my new camera and working with it to work the way I want it to…but having issues. Lol!

  6. I am literally BEGGING my hubby to take some time off finally and take me down there for your class!! Where in Arizona do you live?! My grandparents live in a little town called Wickenburg I think? If you can e-mail me the info about the class I would love it… casciophoto@hotmail.com. To answer your question about the textures, I just add them myself to pictures that I think have that “feel” and I am really liking that lately if you can’t tell. Thanks for taking the time to comment on both my blogs! It totally made my day! I love reading your blog! The one with your Lucy hanging on your legs is the story of my life these days! You big kids make me excited for the future with mine 🙂

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