The whole family joined us for Tuesday Night Swim Club last week
(it’s usually just Max, Elle & I).

And our pool isn’t that big.

There were legs flailing everywhere while trying to do our 100 laps.

We were like salmon swimming upstream

…in the midst of trying to make sure Lu didn’t jump in off the side.

We swallowed gallons of water as everyone splashed around every which way.

Race swim contests going on the sidelines,

Grace begging for us to watch her new techniques,

Claire pleased as punch that she got to stay up.

This week it was just us again:

Max, Elle and me.

Quiet and calm except for our gentle splashing,

as I flailed around with my amateur breaststroke,

and my kids glided through the water with their skilled swim team strokes.

All of us in the warm darkness of a desert night,

bathed in the warm glow of the evening lights filtering softly out the windows of our house.

Would I take it like it was last week or this?
I think I’d take both.

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  1. sounds spendid, I wanna come to Tuesday night swim club. It sounds way better then tuesday night get people to soccer practice right after tennis lessons and squeeze in dinner before dropping oldest off to scouts. Oh ya and I forgot we had a dentist appointments. Oh well. I think next Tuesday i will drop by your place.

  2. The part about you “flailing” made me laugh. Thats exactly how I feel around Emma who swims way better than me. I love swim team- I just wish I had something like that when I was a kid!

  3. I have so much fun reading your blog that I decided to start one of my own. I don’t know how you do all that you do, but I find it inspiring. I still want to talk photography with you if you ever have the time.

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