I’m a Valentine’s-card-giver.

Each year since someone gave me this idea:
…we’ve sent one to all our immediate family members (which is a lot since Dave and I each have eight siblings).

I decorate them all up sometimes with a bow and all that jazz and love to have a way to send our love on Valentine’s day.(That one above wasn’t my fav…)
(I think this one was.)

Unfortunately, this is as far as we got this year:
It was a half-hearted effort to begin with but I thought I’d try to stick something together in between a basketball game, Saturday jobs and two parties. You gotta love the tear in her eye and that cute forced smile. Oh she was trying SO hard, bless her little toothless heart.

I pretty much called it quits after this girl. I mean, do you really want to receive a Valentine’s card with that nose on it? I’m sorry if that looks gross, but that’s how we’ve been living for the last few weeks. Her allergies are SO bad, poor girl. She sounds like a broken record saying “I don’t like my nose” or “I want my nose off” as she itches it all day long.

Max and Grace were hiding from the camera.I pulled Claire back after the tears dried for a mouth shot…seriously, those teeth just keep disappearing.

Elle, my trusty girl, was my ultimate poser.
But we couldn’t very well send out a card with just her.

Needless to say, we opted for no Valentine’s card this year.

I hope our families can feel our love anyway.

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  1. Love love love claire's teeth. Those are my favorite. Elle is getting way too beautiful to be only 12/13. And so sorry about sore noses. Those are the worst.

  2. Where do you order the photo Valentine cards from?
    Oh man, my heart is breaking for Lucy and the allergies. My turn is coming as soon as the neighbors Cottonwood tree starts flowing and shedding its cottonish stuff. I offered to pay for the removal of this tree (several hundreds of dollars) and he said no. It is an enormous, massive tree, but it kills everyone within a 5 block radius that have allergies.

  3. Shawn, this post made my day, I love it. I was getting a little worried/offended that I didn't get a card at the beginning of the post! but oh! I love those shots, especially the first one of claire which is just so perfect to typify the times in your life when you are begging your children to pose for you. Claire looks like she is trying so hard! I just adore the tear and smile. elle is too much. way too pretty. careful! I miss you guys. call me back. love you!!!

  4. Just a random admirer of you blog. Also, just finished your mom's book, I Didn't Plan on Being a Witch. Gifted from my mom this Christmas along with your most recent book. Loved the first book and loving yours currently. Then one thing led to another: I found your "I am mormon video" where I learned you blogged so I jumped on google and came to this. Thanks for sharing your life experiences. But mostly where did you get the lovely green Learn, Work, Serve, Respect art in your home? Would love to get my hands on one of those. Sorry to be lengthy with all the comments you get daily.

  5. I found your blog through my sister's blog, and just had to say that you have SUCH a beautiful family!!! Wow! Plus, I love the love-cards idea! So creative. What an uplifting blog this is 🙂 Love it!

  6. Valentines card…love it! Sorry you couldn't get one this year but I am sure they all understand.

    Thanks for being honest that not all things go picture perfect over at your house…makes me feel a little better. I could barely get out Christmas cards this year.

    sandy toe

  7. Realizing my comment posted under my husband's gmail account. He does not have a blog. But I do in the case that you are able to respond about the Wall art. Is it something I could get online somewhere?

    Signed Emily and not Kyle

  8. Such a great idea! Your oldest daughter is a model in the making – sooooo beautiful. Love the "real life" photos – that's just how it is sometimes 🙂

  9. Elle is GORGEOUS! I mean really! she sure looks older than 11 too!!! I have an 11 year old who look nowhere near so grown up and sophisticated!!!
    lock that girl up NOW!! just sayin'!

  10. I know you must get thousands of e-mails like mine, but I LOVE your blog and follow it weekly! You are my role model as a mother and your mother was my mother's role model growing up! Funny thing is I have even dated your brother Eli in college. Any way, my friend and I (J. Tidwell—she married Tyson Tidwell one of Eli's good friends), we set them up…started a blog: http://www.teacher-2-mom.blogspot.com and are trying to get the word out. I know your blog is personal and not like ours, but we would love it if you would help us in trying to get the word out. I would love to e-mail you more details if you are interested or even have the time to peek. My name is Kate and your family is truly amazing! Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mother and woman. You don't know how many lives you touch!

    Love, Kate

  11. hi shawni ~~~~ big swipes of neosporin on the nose, at night (– if they're little, often with a q-tip after they've fallen asleep so as to avoid ouches and complaining) even if some rubs off or they swat at you, who cares? the next morning is a new soreless day!

    you may know/have tried this already. if not ~~ hurray up!

    goodluck : ) Sharon

  12. Elle is SO beautiful and those images of her are breathtaking!!! Did you use a fan to blow the hair? Her hat is adorable, her hair gorgeous, I can't wait to have a teen to play with! And I loved the comment from Lucy about not liking her nose or wanting it off–too funny!

  13. ha ha ha ha ha.

    claire's face.
    then lucy's face.

    i died. and laughed so hard out loud my husband asked what on earth is so funny.
    i just love your family! that is all.

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