I love Valentine’s Day.

Have I mentioned that before?

This year Grace and I opted for the home-made variety of Valentines for her class (I didn’t realize ’til too late that she needed them).
Lucy was pleased as punch with her princess ones, and Claire was over the moon about her “airhead” ones. I mean, what could get better than a heart with a chunk of taffy stuck to it to celebrate your love for your classmates?

We had our traditional valentine’s breakfast:Lucy was just fine with her cup being filled with raisins instead of candy:

Then I got to spend practically the whole day at the school.
It made my day to watch these two go into school together. I love them.
I spent the afternoon trying to peacefully convince Lucy that rice cakes were better than candy.

It didn’t go over well.
I did successfully toss all of that one kind of candy that is pure-sugar-you-dip-that-white-stick-in-and-lick-off-that-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of.

I’m not a fan of that stuff or the trace of sugar it leaves across the house.

Whichever person in the candy business who made us all think that we MUST eat three tons of candy on Valentine’s Day has got to be rolling in the money.

That night we played a game of “love whispers” I made up on a whim (just like “Chinese whispers” but each person sends around a “whisper” of what they love about someone else in the family and you see if the message can make it around the whole circle). Silly game, but love spilled out of each child and made us all warm and fuzzy.

Then I stole Dave away to have our own little Valentine’s dinner. We went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall Thai food place and talked long and deep.

It was a good day. I’m so thankful for my valentines.


  1. Beautiful! We've borrrowed a tradition or two of yours over the years that have really rounded out our holidays. So, thank you! I love good, meaningful traditions.

    Also, I second Lindsey (at risk of being annoying): I'm desperate to find something like that letter holder as well. I have just the spot in my office & I can't seem to find anything like that anywhere. If you remember where you got it, we'd love to know! xo

  2. It's called Fun Dip…that candy with the stick. I swear the person who came up with it, does not have children. Yes, it winds up all over the floors and then you spend the rest of February wiping crunchy ground in sugar off your floors and the bottom of your shoes.
    I love the cute homemade Valentines that Grace made, what a wonderful idea. I always see all these great ideas AFTER Valentines day. I've put together a little file of cute Valentine ideas from everyone elses blogs, hopefully I'll remember I have it by next year.
    Okay, so what cute things do you do for Easter? Maybe if I start collecting ideas now, I'll be prepared when it comes around.
    Easter is my most favorite holiday of all.

  3. Oh man, how could I forget it's called FUN DIP!!? Oh, because it's not so "fun" for moms. Ha ha.

    I got our "organizer" thing at Target years and years and years ago, and if anyone finds one anywhere let me know because I'd love another one too.

    And last but not least, our fav. Thai place is called Mint Thai. Not the most amazing ambiance but the food makes up for it.

  4. I am glad to see I'm not the only one who, although I loved ALL the pics of your Valentines Day, zeroed right in on that paperwork organizer. My kitchen table is swimming with paper! I'm pining for your organizer! I also LOVE to see your off the cuff pics of your kitchen – I love seeing lived in spaces, not just clear counters with lemon limes stacked in a some artistic display – thanks for letting it be "real" while also looking absolutely beautiful!

  5. Okay, you guys are all nuts. Fun Dip is the BEST! I love the small valentine packs–I don't feel so guilty just eating the stick and not TWO packs of sugar. One is plenty. I love the dipping sticks! They need to just sell the sticks.

  6. Shawni, one more thing. I have someone who is a wood builder (is that a word) who might be able to make something similar for me. Can you give me dimensions for it? (Close guesstimate would be fine.) Thanks so much!

  7. I love that you guys make your own Valentine's. I've always wanted to; store-bought ones just aren't as ~magical~ or whatever the word is I'm looking for. I love the holiday, too. Gets me through the rest of winter which tends to speed by.

    And we also have to come up with something for our youngest instead of tons of candy. Like Fun dip!

  8. I just LOVE all of your Valentine's Day ideas! We heart-attacked our kitchen for the first time this year for an FHE, and even though i have 3 boys, they all loved it! Plus, they loved getting to read what everyone else wrote about them everyday for the last couple of weeks. I love your spontaneous dinner game idea too. So fun!

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