Merry Christmas Eve from our house to yours!
In trying to figure out a way to incorporate Max onto the front of our Christmas card this year my sister had an idea.
See if you can see where we hid him in here:
My girls were so excited to see him in there, it made me laugh and I had to print them that way.  You have to look carefully.
I’ll post a cheater version later today that shows him more clearly if you can’t figure it out:)
****post-edit note:  Ok, I’ve meant to come back to this for a few days but couldn’t do it.  Here’s the cheater version before I faded him out a bunch:
My favorite part are the bunny-ears above our heads 🙂  
Yes, it’s a little weird to incorporate him in like that but we couldn’t resist a chance to include him on the front of the card somehow!
I still cannot believe we get to talk to him tomorrow!
Here’s the back of the card:
In a perfect world I would have remembered to add my favorite scripture of the season right on there…or at least my favorite song phrase lately: “Oh come let us adore Him.”  But I didn’t, dang it!  At least they’re out hopefully people have felt the love.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you blog readers who have taught me so much over the years.  I have learned so much from you and I’m so grateful.  
Sending love over the internet from here in the desert.


    1. Ha! I agree it's a little weird and also a tad bit creepy if you think of it that way! But we're ok with that as long as it includes him. It's funny what kinds of weird measures you'll go to when you miss your child, right?

    2. Hi Shawni,
      Thanks for the update & the cheat version.:)

      I've been checking nearly every day for any tips from the readers on how to find the picture.

      Happy New Year to you, your family & all your readers.

      Julie, UK.

  1. what a fun way to include Max that most people won't even notice!! If you have time I always love when you share some of your favorite cards you got this year =) You have creative friends and I love to see them!!

  2. That's awesome! Love the Max silhouette. Did you design your own cards or did you get them done somewhere? Always love to see how you incorporate all those photos on the back!

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