Each year my Mother gathers up her daughters and daughters-in-law like a mother hen and takes us on a little trip.

(a couple are missing from that picture but you get the idea)

She used to call it the “Future Mothers of Eyrealm,” (FME) but the fact that we started having kids threw a hanger in that one, so now it’s the “Mothers AND Future Mothers of Eyrealm” (MFME).

We talk about motherhood, but also about the world and politics and good books and art.

First of all, I must say how incredibly grateful I am for my Mom (wait, have I said that before??), and that she had the vision to start all this in the first place. And second, can I just say how thankful I am for not only sisters who I adore, but for sisters-in-law who are so stimulating and easy-going? How is it that all four of my married brothers could choose wives that I’d choose myself as dear friends?

This year we went to Park City.

We walked along Main Street and visited some beautiful art galleries.
I especially loved the photography ones.

The ones where those photographers use those humongous cameras with negatives the size of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.

Boy howdy they produce some good stuff.

We went on the Alpine Slide too.

I was cracking up at these two sisters who were going slow as honey trickling down that track:(those poor people wanting to go fast behind them probably raised a ruckus trying to get a refund after that…)
Two of them did the zip line too.We ate delicious food and had a great hike too.
We all left with an arsenal of good books to read and all kinds of ideas to implement into our lives, and more love for each other than ever before.

But you know the moment I’ll remember most?

Sitting out at breakfast on my Mom’s patio holding my newest little nephew close (he got to come since he’s still nursing), and being washed over with comfort that even though I’ll always have a twinge of I.W.A.N., I’m ok.

I’m complete, even without the seven children I envisioned following behind me like little ducks in a row.

I’m so thankful for these five children I get to mother, and grateful I get to celebrate motherhood in so many ways with so many other mothers.

Thanks, Mom, for being the ultimate example of what a Mother should be.

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  1. It's hard to realize how much fun you had until you see the pictures! Thanks for lugging that camera everywhere we go "for the record"!

    Love you!

  2. Shawni, you can come hold my newborn anytime. Infact…ALL day if you want:)…..and my one year old twins too!….oh wait don't forget about my five year old who demands just as much attention. HaHa!!! You are such a wonderful mother. I love reading your blog. It helps me keep the focus:)

  3. I remember attending sessions of the MFME in New York at our W 118th apartment, circa 2001. Great fun! I love that you all do that every year – what a blessing.

  4. What kinds of questions did your mom ask? What were the topics? We're having a similar weekend in Park City with the ladies in our family, and I'd love to try to make it meaningful along with the fun we usually have every year.

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