Each year during our Bear Lake stay we make the trek to Bloomington Lake (otherwise known as “one of the most gorgeous spots on earth”).

Seriously, if I could just build a little cabin right in this spot and live there forever I’d be pleased as punch.

…except when I needed to get to the grocery store (it’s at the top of a windy, rocky, bumpy road), and maybe it wouldn’t be quite so hunky-dory when winter rolls in…

Ok, maybe I don’t need a little house there, but man alive I’m glad we get to go there each year to soak it in.

Lucy likes it quite well too…especially since she got to be with her side-kick cousin.

She even walked most of the way herself…until her Dad’s arms started to look a little too temping…

For me, the beauty of the hike is the pinnacle of the trip. But the main point of interest people go there for is the rope swing:Max and Elle are both now gutsy enough to do it.…and of course I couldn’t let them show me up.That ice water sure gives you a good jolt.

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  1. So beautiful and looks like so much fun. I just love being with a large group of family. That swing is great. Right out over the lake, can't beat that.
    I always see Lucy in dresses, does she wear shorts or pants at all? My niece is strictly a "Dress Girl". She wears a dress even in the dead of winter with lots of snow, she just wears leggings with them.
    BTW: Found the white top and I didn't have to go to DC for it either. YEAH! That would have been one expensive top.

  2. I love Bloomington Lake. I have had the same though about wishing for a cabin right there so I could take it all in all the time. It's so worth the bumpy, dusty ride and short hike! We have even seen Moose there before.

  3. You have such a beautiful family and some gorgeous pictures on here! I am wondering what kind of camera you typically use? I'm in the market for a good one!

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