When my high school friends were in town for our little reunion I discovered Facebook.

Of course, I know it’s there.  
I even have an account that I started years and years ago when I thought I could keep up with the barrage of social media outlets beckoning to me.
But I don’t go on there.

Because I was wrong.  I can’t keep up.  My brain just doesn’t work to keep up with too many social media things.  So I had to pick that or the blog, and I chose the blog.

But apparently anyone who knows anything about anyone else learns it from that magical source, and I do feel quite out of the loop when someone says, “didn’t you see that on Facebook??” And I look back at them blankly because no, I didn’t.  
So fast forward to one evening as my friends and I were sitting in a booth talking over a ginormous amount of chocolate chip pizzookies, someone looked up one of our old classmates on that thing.  
And that thing is amazing I tell you!  We looked up a few other people, and then I decided I better look up my account.  Because hey, what could possibly be on there if I’m not on there.  But people had linked all kinds of things to my very-unkept profile.  Mostly missionary things.
Which made me so happy because look at this crew:

I posted that pic. in another post but let’s just look one more time, because I miss them!   That was such a great bunch of people.

So many memories flooded in…how much fun my last companion and I had…including purchasing the most cheesy matching vests just to stand out a little.


Oh man I love that Sora Flake!

The Popescus:

 Sister missionaries for a pizza lunch one p-day:

Our beloved mission president’s wife surrounded by still more cheesy vests:

More sisters:

(Interesting fact, see that girl on the end with the red lipstick?  Her husband is Elle’s drawing professor at BYU-Hawaii.  I know.  Small world.)

Oh man I sure love all those people who helped mold me into who I am.  Who were so strong in the beginning phases of the church in Romania.

We didn’t have a mission president in Romania for the first half of the time I was there.  Our mission president was in Hungary, (Romania hadn’t become a mission yet), so our Assistants to the President (APs) were really kind of in charge and they were just good, and all these people I served with were just as good.  I learned SO MUCH from them.

Sitting there at that restaurant looking at these pictures I sure missed them.  And wished I got to see them on a regular basis still.  Every now and again I run into one or another of them, but I missed the power of being all together, valiantly trying to do what was right, and to spread what made our lives so happy with the people in Romania.

It was a good time.  A time I am forever grateful for.

There were other random things on there too…some stuff like this:

And this:

Oh good old days.

The other day my friend sent me this from Facebook:

Someone had sent it to her because they knew that she knows me.  
I think maybe it’s time I better get on that thing, because I don’t see enough of that boy’s face these days.  
So many good connections to find in the world, just sometimes hard to find the balance of how to use them.  


  1. I had to make a decision about social media as well. There are so many options with Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc that I really felt they were redundant.
    I stayed on FB since my older children posted pictures on there and then I could see them. They are not good emailers when you can just text or instant message on FB and then everyone can see them.
    It's been nice to get reacquainted with school friends and pick up where we left off.
    I hope to see you on FB sometime!

    Jamaille Noto (thus the nickname NOTOrious)

  2. FB has its good and bad things, but sometimes phot sharing is great when you find this kid of forgotten gems!
    btw the younger you reminds me so much of Grace!

  3. There is a FB page called Missionary Momma's. One thing I like about it is that mom's or travelers that run into missionaries will post photos of our missionaries there. There have been several photos of my missionary.

    1. Small world! I've been reading your blog for YEARS. Amazing couple. They were in my ward and I was the choir director at the time of her passing. Right before she passed she told Brother Morrey she wanted our choir to sing at her funeral. It was such a special thing for me.

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