We got a letter from Max.  A real one in the mail and then an email today.

It was like we won the lottery, I wish I had a video of us all when Dave brought it in from the mailbox, it would be pretty funny to re-watch.  He is doing great, has an awesome companion and is diving head-first into Chinese.  

I’ll share more soon.  We all know I could talk about that mission stuff non-stop and never get sick of it…but I could talk about all these other kids as well and never get sick of that either, and oh boy, there’s been a lot of life bubbling around us right alongside all the getting-Max-ready-to-go hoopla.

Let’s talk about some Elle stuff for a little bit.  
MORP came and went.  (Prom spelled backwards, girls ask boys, there’s a casual “theme” and this year it was “careers.”)

Elle asked a great friend (they’ve known each other since they were babies since our families are good friends) so that was kind of fun.

I cannot even remember how she “asked” him, but he answered utilizing the coincidental fact that completely unrelated to the dance she and her “team” were assigned to get he and his team out for this senior game they do (they have to squirt each other and get people “out” with water guns to move to the next round).

They decided (at the last minute) to be a cop and robber for their “career” (one I hope Elle won’t actually aspire to 🙂
Here’s their whole group:

Let’s get a better look at those creative “career” choices…

Explorer/zoo keepers:



Cop and robber:

Pilot and flight attendant:

Soccer players:

Construction workers:

My friend and I with our sweeties:

Another gorgeous sunset as they set off for all the fun:

She had a grand time, and came home late, late to find this in her bedroom:

On to Prom! (with another great guy who is the student body president)

Oh man this girl is getting so sad for graduation.  She won’t even talk about it (which works out great because it’s sure the last thing I want to talk about!).

She’s just soaking in this high school dealio with all her might.

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  1. Hello! Would you be willing to do a post on how you encourage your kids to organize/clean their rooms? My kids are teenagers & my oldest daughter's room is such a disaster. It frustrates her & overwhelms her. I'd love to see a home tour & see some of your organizational/storage/system solutions that work for your busy family. Thanks!!

  2. I served a mission in Arizona (Gilbert was actually one of my areas back when Gilbert was a small town)…One of the things I was so impressed with among the teenagers in the Church was the friendships they had and the strength in their examples. I will never forget teaching discussions at a young lady's house with about 5 or 6 LDS high school friends, who came to share testimony and to be a support to the friend wanting to learn more about the Gospel. My cousin's ward in California was this way too– everyone was friends. There weren't labels that seemed to be all over my ward and high school– if you went to a dance with someone they thought you were wanting or were committing to a long term relationship for life. It felt a little awkward. I love that your kids can be friends with so many people– can go out to a dance, or on a date with one person one weekend, and with someone else for the next dance/date. That's how it should be as they are discovering the many different qualities and characteristics people possess.
    I was a lot like Elle, in the fact I didn't want my senior year to end. It is great that she is cherishing all of these experiences and making some great memories to last a lifetime.
    Looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad Elle's senior year is filled with fun and friends. That is something to treasure.

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