2013-05-19 summer kick-off 758022013-05-19 summer kick-off 758162013-05-19 summer kick-off 758212013-05-19 summer kick-off 758232013-05-19 summer kick-off 758262013-05-19 summer kick-off 758292013-05-19 summer kick-off 758312013-05-19 summer kick-off 758492013-05-19 summer kick-off 75850 I count my blessings every day I get to be their mother. And that they forgive me that life is out-of-control right now.  I love my job.

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  1. What beautiful pictures! Love all of the happy smiles. My children have been pretty tolerant of the craziness around here, too. So grateful for that!

  2. What a gorgeous mother you are Shawni. Your love shows in that smile of yours and they way your kids lean into you. I hope it was a memorable Mother's Day. Enjoy your crazy/happy summer!

  3. Just melted at Lucy's missing tooth grin! Sooo cute! And I just finished reading your book, A Mother's Book of Secrets, and I love you (and your Mom) even more now! 🙂

  4. All of you are just BEAUTIFUL! Lucy's little missing tooth is the most adorable thing ever.

    Seems like you are facing some trials lately, and I just wanted to say I hope things get better soon, and that you'll be in my prayers.

  5. Hi, I've been stumbling upon your blog by coincidence and have been reading for some months now – your insight and take on life is just so very positive and thought-provoking. I am still young(ish) and not a mother yet, but the experience, advice and thankfulness you share is so, so inspiring – I vowed to go back to this and incorporate many of your great parenting ideas once I become a mom 🙂 ! One more question: Is this a yellow 4-poster-bed in the room your mother's day pics were taken in? Looks like a cool bed! Warm greetings from Germany!

  6. What a beautiful family. I love how each of your kids has their own "look" – no two look alike, but they all look related. (Does Grace look a lot like your mother-in-law in real life? I sure saw the resemblance in a recent photo.)

    And you, of course, are simply gorgeous. What a smile you have.

  7. Your children are so beautiful and handsome. Each one is so different and then they are so alike. I love to see pictures of Grace. It's fun to see what she's done with her hair! And I see Lucy is missing a tooth. Wonderful pictures!!!!

  8. I'm curious why, if you believe drinking alcohol is sinful, why you would allow Malibu spiced rum to advertise on your blog.

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