Dave’s love language is quality time, not blog posts. Ha! So the last thing he wanted me doing on his birthday was blabbing over here about how awesome he is.

But even though I’m late on this bday salute, I am a record keeper forever.

And this guy right here? He’s my favorite.

My top five things I love about him:

  1. He is real. He doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean, and he does say things he does. I just love that he shoots straight. In business, in relationships, in beliefs, in feelings.
  2. He knows how to find balance in life. And he prioritizes the things that matter most and doesn’t have FOMO for the things he misses in doing so. Such a great example to me.
  3. He is the best Dad and partner in parenting. He has a way of letting each kid (and in-law) know that they mean the world to him. And they have stars in their eyes about this guy.
  4. He is full of solutions rather than problems. He knows how to fix things from relationships to Christmas lights.
  5. He has the softest and most generous heart. I learn from him every day.

The day was a little complicated with a few extra pieces moving around, but so fun that we had Elle and Carson still in town with us. We got to go to brunch together…

…oh, and we also went to a workout that included 138 burpees. Nothing like never-ending burpees to celebrate a birthday!

He got to squeeze in some pickleball while I drove Lucy’s choir carpool to the big dress rehearsal all under this glorious sunset:

Lu was at her practice all evening, didn’t get back until nearly 11.

So the four of us had a little late cake:

And opened some gifts with Max, Abby, Murphy and Grace in shifts on FaceTime:

All taking turns talking about the things we love about this man.

Inside jokes with the Hostess:

We had even-later-night cake and Lucy’s gifts when she got home:

Love you forever, David Stuart.

Thanks for making our world go around.

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  1. Oh my glory, I forgot to include Dave’s birthday in the middle of that crazy muddle of those few days between Thanksgiving and December 1st! He is such a gift to all of us! Love that guy so much!

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