Let’s talk about one way to bring in the Christmas spirit now that it’s December 1st.

Because to be honest, part of me has been dreading the arrival of December. Is that horrible or what? Just too much going on in my heart. So much desire to have time pause for just a second. Please let me take a deep breath to get ready. Part of this commotion swirling around inside of me was trying to get over a few hurdles before December came. One of which was our Relief Society Christmas dinner. (Yes, we held it in the tail-end of November since we couldn’t find a day that would work in December.)

You see, when our ward got rearranged I got a new calling to work as the Relief Society committee chair. This means that I “get” to plan all kinds of things to help bring the women in our ward together. On the onset, for some reason this has felt pretty daunting to me. All these new women coming from different wards and backgrounds and needs and love-languages merging together to create a new ward family. The newness of it all, and the nostalgia from missing my old ward were tangible. But oh how I want to get to know all these new amazing women. We need each other! And having opportunities to gather makes all the difference on bonding and building a ward family.

“Jesus Among Us”

When we met to plan our Christmas dinner we looked up all kinds of ideas for a theme. So many ideas online were filled with the theme “angels among us.” But we wanted Jesus to be the focal point so we settled on “Jesus Among Us.” And I loved how it turned out.

Jesus Among Us centerpieces for our Relief Society diner

We talked about how Jesus came to that humble stable under that giant star all those years ago to truly be “among us.” He came to live among us, to die among us, and to descend below all the things we go through so that he can walk “among us” through the highs and lows of life. Even now, all these years after that giant star hung in the sky on that holy night. He is here.

We just need to recognize that presence. Pray for it. Learn to find it in the seeming beautiful coincidences that come along in life.

A Musical Number

We had a beautiful musical number sung by one of our angelic-singing young mothers.

bringing in the Christmas spirit through song

Three speakers

Then three women shared experiences in their lives where they felt “Jesus Among Us.”

I loved that all three shared such different experiences. Some where they are still looking and seeking for Jesus to be “among them” and some where His presence was recognized at difficult times and changed their whole perspective.

There is something about vulnerability to bring us together. When we know that we are not alone.

We talked about how that “Baby Jesus” in is the favorite piece in every Christmas nativity. But do we remember to make it the center of Christmas? And of life for that matter?

Jesus is the most loved part of a Christmas nativity

As I listened to those women the Christmas spirit began to curl around me in such a beautiful way.

And maybe it curled around me even more with the chance to get to slow down time and get to know so many women I know I can learn so much around me. I want them in my “circle”…or maybe better yet, in my “horseshoe.” I want us to find and recognize Jesus together.

Yes, Jesus is among us. We find Him in the kindness of others. We find Him by being His hands reaching out. We find Him in making even minuscule efforts to leave our comfort zones and be vulnerable with others. We find Him as we take time to recognize He is in the details. And cling to Him and His goodness.

If you want to find your own group of women to help you find more Jesus, please know you are welcome to any Relief Society gathering. We would love to have you. The Relief Society is a worldwide sisterhood to lift and serve each other. It doesn’t matter whether you are a member of the church or not. We women need each other!

May we all seek to find “Jesus Among Us”

I want to share a Christmas wish. That we can all seek to find that “Jesus Among Us” this Christmas season more than ever. That we can remember that tiny baby on that holy night came to be with us. Not just then but now.

He is in the details of the grueling and the cumbersome, the sorrowful, the boring and also the joyful.

If we seek Him we will find Him there. And everywhere.

Other ways to bring in the Christmas Spirit:

Would love to hear your ideas too!

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  1. What??? You did this within days of the Turkey Trot and having 42 for Thanksgiving Dinner? I’ll never complain again! Ha! Sounds so beautiful! Well done you good and faithful servant!

  2. Another post so beautifully written.⭐️

    I love how you share your home with others. ♥️

    I’ll be looking for ways “to keep Jesus among me/us.” 🎄

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful ideas and plans. Your efforts are truly magnified as so many learn from you and do similar things. My family and circle of influence have definitely been blessed through things you have shared. Wondering what song the woman sang.

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