This is my “wallpaper” on my phone:

I see it every time I lift it up to open up the “world” it holds.

I have to click past that screen in order to get to my emails, texts, social media, etc.

It is a reminder for me…not to think about what my purpose is in life (although that’s a good question too), but it helps me be deliberate as to what purpose I have in opening my phone.  Am I on my way to do something productive and/or something that will build?  Or am I opening it to scroll mindlessly or check things that take me away from focusing on what’s most important?  Anything from the dished needing to be done, a conversation to be started, a hug to be given, a silent prayer to be offered, or even just a moment to let my thoughts materialize and form into ideas.

My phone is a great tool, and I’m so grateful for it, and the technology that makes it possible.  But I’m glad for this little screensaver (that my brother whipped up for me this summer when I asked…thank you Eli!) to help me remember that what really fulfills me is to look up, not to look down.


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