I have received many emails and texts, as well as a few comments asking for any update on my sister Charity and her husband who are hiking near Mount Everest right now. 
First of all, thank you so very much for your concern and prayers.  The answer to the questions is that we have not heard from them yet (there is no internet anywhere close to where they are), but thanks to a lot of research from my siblings we are all feeling pretty calm that they are ok.  
My sister Saydi thought of the great idea to get on trip advisor to ask recent travelers any news and has been in touch with some who have assured her that although Charity probably felt the earthquake, she and Ian were enough removed that they should be fine.  We have had a whole slew of emails going back and forth trying to figure out information.  I’m just sharing some snippets for those who have reached out so kindly worried about them.
From my brother Noah:   This (in the picture below) is the pass that Charity and Ian are supposed to go through around now. Hope it is a good thing that it is on the north side which is further from the epicenter of the earthquake although worry about avalanches.

and a map of where the Annapurna circuit is relative to where the earthquake was:

And from my Dad:  Yes, this is good overview.  They are at or near the Thorong Phedi la pass which is at the north end of the Annapurna circuit (top map) and if you then look at the bottom map, you will see that that location is almost directly north, probably by at least 50 miles, from Pokhara, which is on the outskirts of the quake zone.  As Noah says, the thing to worry about is that if they were in the pass or on a steep slope, they may have encountered some earth slides or rocks or ice falls.  So we are all praying hard and hoping they will find connectivity somewhere up around there and get in touch with us and let us know that they are alright.  Knowing them, they are probably helping people who were hurt or displaced or in some other form of quake-related stress.

Pray on!

From a Trip Advisor helper:  
According to a post on page 3 of the Russian language thread I have linked above, there was no heavy damage in Muktinath and the situation is more or less OK there. 

That sure helps to put all our minds at ease but we are still praying and learning more than we ever thought we would know about hiking and the layout of the land around Mount Everest!  We are so anxious to hear from them but we all feel pretty peaceful from the information we have gathered that they are ok.

I’m so very, very sad for all the people affected by this earthquake.  Looking through all the pictures in the news and reading the stories makes my heart ache.  Sending all kinds of prayers over there. 

I will update as soon as we hear any word from my sister.  Thank you again for your kindness to worry and pray along with us.



  1. I'm glad to hear she's probably OK! Hopefully she is in a good enough position and condition to help with the aftermath. What a horrible situation for so many people…

  2. I'm glad to hear she's probably OK! Hopefully she is in a good enough position and condition to help with the aftermath. What a horrible situation for so many people…

  3. I thought of Charity and Ian right away…I also started to research. Even though I personally don't know your family, I feel like I've met all of you. Praying for their safety and the millions involved. Thanks so much for the update.

  4. I've been praying for your sister since I heard the news yesterday. Came here first thing this morning to check for an update and was so relieved to read your post. A friend and I who have followed your blog for years were discussing the situation yesterday and admist the worry, I told her that I had faith that God protected them from harm, but put them there to help others. From what you've shared about them both, I have no doubt that they would jump in to assist those in need. I will continue praying for them and for continued peace and patience for your family as you wait for news!

  5. Your family is the best! I sincerely hope and pray that Charity and Ian are okay. Thanks for the update. They as well as the others effectected by the quake will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Thank you for this update! My husband peeked over my shoulder yesterday, asking why I was looking at maps of Nepal. I had to expose my embarrassing story of "there's a girl who I don't really 'know' but I read her blog (and I met her in the temple), who is traveling through Nepal with her husband and her family hasn't heard from her, so I'm trying find on the map how close she might have been to the epicenter." I will continue to pray for them, your family, and all those affected by the devastation this earthquake has caused.

  7. Oh my word…same sentiment as many above. Don't really know you all, but I have fallen in love with your blogs. Immediately thought of Charity and Ian. I saw that a post came up on her blog today, and I pray that that means they are safe!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing this. Even though I only know your family from the blog world….I have "known" you and your family for a long time. Charity and Ian were the first people I thought of when I heard the news of the earthquake in Nepal. Their around the world journey was my journey too– because Charity and Ian were taking us all on this trip with them through their posts and pictures. It has been so much fun, and now it just seems really close to home and my heart. Prayers for all involved. I know Charity and Ian would jump right in and help those in need. That's the wonderful type of people they are. Thank you for giving us an update and some hope. Lisa

  9. Maybe this is news:
    A German news agency has written an article about an Austrian woman who stayed in Manang because she had the flu while her group of hikers went to the annapurna circuit without her.

    As far as your sister's Instagram update tells, Manang was the village she and her husband were staying to relax.

    The article quotes the Austrian hiker, who says that everyone in Manang survived.
    I really hope your sister and her husband were in the village during the earthquake.

    The pass Annapurna has been (according to the hiker) affected by huge landslides. But as I read your sisters status, they have already crossed this pass before she posted on Instagram. So they might be fine!

  10. I'm a reader from France and I really hope you're gonna have some news from your sister soon! In the meantime, maybe should you post something on Google Person Finder, if not done yet. You can set up a profile and if people happen to know something about her, they can directy upload news.. It looks like it's quite easy to do, you just have to click on 2015 Nepal earthquake ! I'll pray for her and her husband!!

  11. Same sentiments as above. Thoughts and prayers for Charity and Ian. Please keep up posted. I have checked your blogs and her instagram. I didn't realize they were there until I read other comments. Nepal is close to my heart and a place I would love to visit. Prayers for all the people affected.
    Jamaille Noto (signing in under my other screen name)

  12. A reader from Michigan that reads both yours and Charity's blogs – since early yesterday morning praying for Charity, her husband and all of those affected.

  13. For some reason, I jotted down the itinerary of Charity and Ian so when the quake hit, and I looked at my notes, I began praying for their well being. I only know the Eyres thru the experiences of my grandchildren in Joy School but I follow your blogs and my prayers are
    with all the Eyre family at this time.

  14. sending prayers & thoughts for strength,guidance & peace to all involved. The moment I heard of the quake I checked her instagram for anything~even sent her a message! I can only imagine your worry but sure you feel peace too knowing that it is Charity~they are doing what they are meant to do. I remember her excitement when she announced her trip on the blog~their plans may change now based on them wanting to help. Where we sometimes feel that someone is in the wrong place & the wrong time?? I think they were in the exact place they were meant to be. Thanks for keeping us readers in the loop~we truly care

  15. Thanks to all responders.
    We are putting her on all search places. Our fears and worries are alleviated somewhat by second hand word that people have seen them since the quake and they are fine. Also, they were out in open areas and not in a crumbling city. And also, they were on the north part of the Annapurnal Circuit which is the furthest part from the epicenter. And finally, the area is so remote that we probably would not have heard from them even if there had been no quake. Thanks for your prayers. We think it is likely that they are helping others. Richard Eyre

  16. Do you guys have any idea when they should have Internet again? She and I were texting the day she posted her last Instagram, and she said they weren't expecting to have wifi in Manag. I'm just wondering when we can reasonably expect to hear from them. I'm really worried and I'd love to hear anything else you guys find out. Thanks.

  17. No wonder we feel so "at peace" about this! Thanks so much for all your prayers and concern! We think they are fine. Would just love to hear that first hand! They are supposed to fly out from Katmandu to Turkey next week. That airport might be in shambles. Hope that everyone makes it out safe. We are so sad for those who have lost loved ones as well as homes and livelihoods. So sad for them! Prayers going their way too! Thanks for posting this Shawni! I'm sending everyone here for details! .

    The last thing Ian said was "Don't be alarmed if you don't hear from us until May 4th." There was a glimmer of hope that they might find something today but they're probably totally off schedule so we wait! That's a long time but they didn't seem to think they would have much hope for the Internet along the way. They are due to finish the circuit on the 30th. Hopefully they can find something by then.

  18. Friends have contacted family yesterday from manang. They were fine and continuing on the trek. Communications are bad there normally so it was great to hear. I'm sure you will soon as well.

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