We’re home.

And boy howdy, if there was ever a contest to see who could fit the very most into five little days I think we’d win.

Most importantly, we soaked in that wedding (pictures coming from that, but in the meantime check out the pictures our amazingly talented Eva took here…she was the main photographer and she knows her stuff…really well). We adored every minute of seeing that couple merge.

We spent some good time in four out of the “Five Burrows” of New York (Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens…we missed out on Staten Island this time).

We debated on whether or not we could live there with our five kids in tow (I say yes, Dave’s not so sure).

We ate delicious food.

We ate gross food.

I think we may have walked 300 miles.

And man alive, I took way too many pictures.

Ok, so let’s start with this one: This was a good way to start off our trip. We took the red-eye with Stoudemire. Keep in mind that I am six feet tall…

Now that is one big guy. Doesn’t he look pleased as punch to be taking a picture with me?

My brother picked us up at the airport and gave us a little driving tour on the way into the city.

We mastered the subway.

We saw a broadway play.

We hung out in Time’s Square.

We visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met):
I LOVE art so I loved this part of the trip.
These were Dave and my favorites for various reasons:

But probably our very fav. was the rooftop garden with this awesome sculpture and a gorgeous view of the city.
I loved how it looked in the reflection of the modern building with all the big skyscrapers in the back of the reflection.
And although this is a very cute pic. of my Mom and sister, the real reason I took it was the guy to the right. Seriously. That was a cool hair-do. I wish you could see it better.

One day I took Dave to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) too.
It almost brought tears to my eyes to see so many master works there…things I studied so hard in Art History in college when I fell in love with it and leaned toward majoring in it. Things I had to write lengthy papers about. I LOVED sharing it all with Dave. (And it was a total turn-on to have him actually listening to all my art history jabbering…thanks baby.)

We also went to a Yankees game. I say that all nonchalant like it was no big deal, but I’ll lay it all out and say it:
That was no small feat!
These were my companions to try to get in. We thought we’d just show up late, buy some $20 nosebleed tickets and get to see the new stadium. No such luck. Even into the 3rd inning they wanted $175 per single ticket, and $350 for each ticket if you wanted tickets together. Hmmm. We sure don’t like the Yankees that much!

We finally made it in after some really nice guys in the Hard Rock Cafe handed over their tickets when they were ready to leave after the 5th inning.

We were SO excited! Something about it being so tough to get in makes the actual event that much more exciting.

We went to church with my whole fam. (although we couldn’t get them all for the picture). SO great to be with everyone.
We got to spend some good time with smaller groups too.And with the girls while the boys took my brother off for a little bachelor party. We walked along this elevated boardwalk over part of the city and got cupcakes at a great bakery.

In un-pictured events, we walked around So Ho, and Chinatown, and Dave and I went on a nice run in Central Park.

We met Venus & Serena Williams’ Dad (kinda grumpy), my sis-in-law saw Dr. Phil, my Mom saw Julianne Moore.

We had a birthday party for my Dad.

Did I mention we walked? A lot?

But oh man, did we ever have a good time.

Ok, to be continued…

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  1. Oh man. Don't you just love NY!? Hubby and I went with some friends last year (in the winter!) and had SO much fun. So much to do and see. A wonderful city! Glad you had a great time!

  2. The only thing that could possibly make this weekend more fun it see all these fabulous pictures in retrospect. It was just a once in a lifetime experience which we can now bask in because of these wonderful pictures! You always make me laugh!

  3. I love the story of the Yankees game – we went to Boston this summer for my daughter's graduation from Harvard and went to the Red-Sox vs Yankees game – the way to do it is buy the seats for the visually impaired (12 rows back from home plate in Boston- and only 70.00 a seat) and make the poor visually impaired kid go along. It took bribery and cotton candy – plus she got to play her DS through the whole game. We were THRILLED!!!

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