Each year my mom does her best to gather all her girls under her wings any way she can. There is something pretty special about sisters. And there’s something ESPECIALLY special about a mom who works hard to get them together.

I have realized this more than ever this year since I’ve been working up my own mother/daughter gathering. More to come on that soon, but for now I’ll just say I have come to appreciate my own dear mother’s efforts in such a more profound way. Sometimes it’s just not a cakewalk to wrangle kids or activities! I love you mom!!

“MFME” Special Gatherings with Sisters and my Mom

Ever since the beginning of time (for our family), we’ve named these gatherings “MFME” since they were for the “Mothers and Future Mothers of Eyrealm.” And then after we all became mothers, we shortened the acronym to “ME” since it was simply “Mothers of Eyrealm” by then.

Sometimes there would be an agenda when we got together. Other times we would read an article or book before we gathered to discuss. We would talk deep about motherhood and life. Sometimes we would travel to far-off lands. Every time we gathered we would feel heard and strengthened by each other. No matter which way we have done these gatherings, those memories have become velvety-smooth in my heart. And the women have become lifelong confidants as we have grown together in womanhood and wifehood and motherhood.

What we did for MFME this year

This year we squeezed in a dinner after the reunion festivities were wrapped up. We wrangled kids scheduling and headed out across the lake for some food we wouldn’t be making or cleaning up. Although we really do like to cook together, this was a welcome little break.

As we got ready to head out a huge wind storm came up. I LOVE when this happens at Bear Lake, breaking the spell of ominous heat that can surround us in the afternoons.

It made for some pretty funny pictures before we left:

Sisters and sisters-in-law in the wind at the lake
Sisters and sisters-in-law in the wind at the lake


We relished the views from the car as we drove around the lake.

And basked in togetherness.

sisters and a mom in the car driving to dinner

We sat and ate dinner as we each shared the biggest thing we have learned this year.

Then, of course since we were so close, we had to stop to get Bear Lake famous raspberry shakes for dessert.

Sisters and a mom getting raspberry shakes after dinner

Relished the views all the way home, as conversations lingered and we talked about some of the things we can keep in our prayers for each other.

Yes, there’s something pretty special about sisters…and that mother wrapping us up all together.

Thank you, dear Mother, for not only this special sunset dinner togetherness, but all the years and efforts and love you have poured into your girls.

Thanks for always being the one to point out beauty, whether in nature or in people.

Love you forever.

Other MFME Gatherings:

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  1. Got the “ future mother” part is there an age limit, like over 18, or when you marry or when do you decide when they come?
    I love this idea ❤️
    However, what happens when someone doesn’t want children?

    1. Good question. We have changed the name to “ME” since everyone is now a mother but MFME just kind of rings true still because we’re so used to it. If someone decided not to have children, or couldn’t have children, we would rearrange somehow.

      We’ve talked about including the next generation but haven’t figured that out yet. But I’m starting my own little MFMP group coming up. Excited to carry on this idea!

      1. I have thought so much about your comments about the challenges of the ever-growing group, and this seems like such a great idea, for you to start leading your own versions of some of your inter-generational traditions. Decide which are things that everyone gets with your mom and dad specifically, and which are things that everyone gets with their own grandma and grandpa, and the resultant family. I guess sort of like how your parents passed Joy School along, you guys can all pick up the baton on Grammie Camps, Grandfathers Secrets (or whatever) so that, hopefully, all your nieces and nephews right down to the newest ones get the same experiences with your mum and dad that their parents saw the older kids get, and all Murphy’s generation get the same generational experience that everyone else benefitted from, but in a sustainable way.
        Sorry this is such a long comment but really I have thought so much about your posts on this! Thanks for sharing, as always.

  2. OK so you must share some of the “biggest things” you guys learned!

    AND, agree with above comment – when would say Abby or Elle join this situation?

    1. Oh everyone shared a wide variety of things they have learned, from surprising themselves with how much they could handle to new work situations and new relationship dynamics. I can’t remember them all but it’s just so good to have a chance to share and connect in a deeper way than wrangling kids and running around in our every day lives.

      See above about Abby and Elle.

  3. Oh Shawni, how very dear of you to capture and then post all this beauty amidst that grand collection of chaos. That was a night to remember! I loved soaking in everyone’s thoughts, not only of what they have learned about life but about themselves this year! It’s always a growing, stretching, surprising experience to be a Mom! Abby and all of our “future mothers” 18 and older were gone by then, but we’re working on that!

    Just to save Shawni some time answering questions, our Hawaii family and friends are safe. Their High School was surrounded by flames but they saved the school where they live in upcountry Maui. We are all devastated about Lahaina, one of our favorite spots on earth. We praying for families who have been displaced and devastated, especially those lost loved ones, businesses, all that beautiful art and that wondrous Banyon tree!

    Thanks for capturing this incredible gathering of beloved moms and wondrous weather Shawni!
    Sending love

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