Ok, so remember how Grace had her first powderpuff football game while Dave and I were out of town?  (Back HERE for a refresher…)
Well, she had a pretty grand time.

How it works is that any senior girls who want to play sign up, they make two teams, the football players from that year are the coaches, and they have a good time.

Since Dave and I were HERE with my parents during that game, I was so happy that Grace got picked to be in the “All-Star Game” last week.


The All-Star game was when they challenged another school, one of their rival high schools.

She was radiant on that field, her french braids flying, loving the crowd and the hype.

They got kicked off the field half way through (I guess they hadn’t been cleared to use it…slight problem there…), so everyone traipsed over to a nearby park instead where they tried so situate cones and cover some divots in the grass, and then the sprinklers came on…
…and then people were throwing water balloons and some cops came to clear everyone out, which added to the memories I guess because everyone was just beaming in that slanted evening sun.

So fun that the rival high school was the one our cousins attend…fun to see them there.


High school is the best.

We just had baccalaureate yesterday and seminary graduation last night, this all coming fast!

Ok, and totally unrelated, but I finished a book (The Last Romantics) I mentioned back HERE before I went on to tell about how much I love Anne of Green Gables, and I have to just put in a little disclaimer that I do not recommend that book.  I just barely mentioned it, but I only like to put books on here that I really love and I was disappointed with that one, it didn’t sit well with me.  I loved the writing style, and I liked the story when the four siblings were young…tough stuff they went through made me think.  But then pieces started not matching up and it went into this strange feminist belittling men deal (I’m all for feminist stuff, but it was strangely interwoven with men being almost like pawns…and the falling apart relationships because of it…and then some things that had nothing to do with the plot line, kind of weird).  Anyway, didn’t want to lead anyone astray so there you go!  Just stick with Anne of Green Gables 🙂


    1. Agreed. I would call myself a feminist in many ways. There were just some strange underlying themes that bothered me but also made me think, which will make for an interesting discussion at book club:) But I still wouldn't recommend it.

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the book. I checked it out from the library due to it being a book recommendation from Reese Whitherspoons book club. Not going to waste my time when there are so many other books calling out to me!

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