Prom is tomorrow. 
And Grace has been busy figuring out all the details that go with that.  
Man, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but all I did for dances growing up was whip up a dress with huge floral patterns (I usually had to make them since I wanted something long enough for me and there were no “tall” sizes back in the day), pop in a barrette and maybe a few curls and I was good to go.  (At least I had grown out of the hair-spray-curls-to-my-cheeks by then…my girls will get that one… ha!) 
There sure is a lot more hoopla around dances these days.  Maybe because there are fewer of them (there were a bazillion dances at my high school it seemed like).    
Anyway, we also didn’t do “day dates” preceding the dance, but yep, once again, these guys keep one-upping us :). 
Grace’s cute date whisked her off on such a fun day date a couple weeks ago.
They went up to our friends’ cabin in the mountains and had the best time.

They had the best time up there…

…and are so excited for more good times ahead!

High school is the best.

More on that soon, because time is starting to speed ahead and there’s lots going on in high school!  I have a love/hate relationship with all the end of the year stuff.  I love it but wish it would slow down a tad!  I’m SOOOOOOOOOO incredibly grateful that Grace is only a junior.  I have one more whole year with her and for that, I’d like to do a little gig of happiness.  She and Claire are so excited to get a year of high school together next year. 

Anyway, wishing everyone a happy weekend!


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