Ok, this is really, really tricky because I want to pick everyone to come join us at this retreat! There were so many kind, heart-felt comments.

But Random.org picked for me.

So the winner of the motherhood retreat is:

Shapiro who said: “I would love to come. Have been an avid Values Parenting fan for years!”

Please email my sister at saren at powerofmoms dot com to complete your registration and we will be so excited to get to know you next week!

For all the others who would like to join us please still come! We’d sure love to meet all the wonderful mothers behind those heartfelt, sweet comments. Our goal is to include every mother we can who is in need of some inspiration in motherhood (which is really all of us, right?), so even if there are financial constraints please contact my sister (saren at powerofmoms dot com) and she may be able to figure out a way to get you there. She’s good like that:)

Hope to see many of you there!

Love, Shawni

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  1. Shawni,
    I have your book on my night stand and am trying to find time to read it between homework and laundry ( I have 4 kids keeping me busy). This is totally off topic, do you think the mermaid tale is worth it? My daughter saw it on your blog this summer and is asking for one for Christmas. I don't even know if there is time to order one, but it is pricey. Can they actually swim with it on? She loves to pretend she's a mermaid and if she can swim I think she would love it. Thanks in advance if you're able to respond.

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