We left the cousins and started toward the desert.  
We stayed one night in Salt Lake.

You know those moments when time seems to stop still and all is right in the world?

That was that night.

It was like a little bit of Heaven.
The first stop was the church history museum right by Temple Square.  They always have the best exhibits there.  So much beautiful stuff.
Of course we got there five minutes before closing so it was a lesson in “rush art appreciation.”

Claire really soaked it in for those few minutes.

That makes my heart happy.

Isn’t this a beautiful one?

I love the peaceful feeling up by the statue of Christ.

Of course we had to seek out the Romanian Book of Mormon:

…and talk to the cool sister missionaries.

The funniest moment of the evening was when we walked into the visitor’s center and watched the end of an “I’m a Mormon” spot.  The girls commented that it would be funny if mine came up next.
And low and behold, it popped up.  
Here it is in case you haven’t seen it:

We were all cracking up.

It turns out these cute sister missionaries had recognized us when we walked in and put on that one just for us.

On our way home we noticed this little station where you could rent bikes.

So we did.

And I’m telling you, that was purely magical.

Lucy and Dave were both ready to head in, but these three and I biked all around.

(see those cute bikers up there?)

We biked until the skies got dark, and my girls let me know they were SURE I had taken enough pictures 🙂

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  1. How very FUN! You told us that you did this but to see it in living color, complete with the great video story, the rain, the rainbow and the bikes made my day!

  2. How funny, we were just in downtown SLC last night aand commented on how fun those bikes looked! I so love downtown SLC and that art exhibit at the museum (some of my family member's donated their paintings for the exhibit so it's extra great :).

  3. This is great! We were just there last Friday. I LOVE the temple and went to 5 while we were in Utah and Idaho. Your Mormon message is so fun…it's cool to put a voice to a face, does that make sense?

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