Clear back in the beginning of September (where I’m slipping this post in that I’m writing almost two months later), Dave and I took six little (some medium-sized) girls to California.

We recently bought into a little business time-share spot there and it is quickly filling our memories with velvety family goodness.

And we decided to try it with some extra friends so we let each girl invite one.

We don’t generally invite many friends along places because we figure if we can get them to ourselves then all is right in the world, but after much begging we decided we’d give it a try.

And they weren’t too mad about that.

We had good times over there with these three extra darling girls.


Although Lucy did get swept off her feet by a wave at one point and i’m not sure we’ll get her back in the ocean any time soon…

We soaked in the beauty there, and basked in the fact that we were there in cooler temperatures than in our beloved desert.

Something about those leaves up there must be extra tasty for those bugs.

Dave and I took off on a little bike-ride-date of our own to get one of these:

Which was delicious but we had a little fight about something or other right there in front of the acai bowl place.

We rode bikes everywhere.

We took those six girls of ours to a great ward on Sunday…

And took a little photography stroll:


 Surprisingly, Dave wasn’t big into the “photography stroll” idea 😉

Neither was Lucy…she was more into coloring.

We rode the fairy over to Balboa Island:

 I love both of these pictures.  I love sisters.

 …and back to Newport.

There’s my guy.

 He was such a good sport to put up with all us girls.  I adore him.

 We did a little kayaking:

 …and paddleboarding.

And I wish I had a picture because when Lucy and her friend were doing what Lucy and I are doing up above, a little family of dolphins swam by.  All in their glory.

And when I say “swam by” Im talking I swear the big one was going to go right over the top of that paddle board.

At first it kind of stressed me out.  I thought it would freak those girls out.  But they were pleased as punch.

Apparently Lucy had just been telling her friend Lauren she had never seen a dolphin, and what do you know, up swam a whole little family of them.

Everyone was pretty delighted.

 And we all got situated to go follow them….and lost them in the process.

But it was a pretty exciting day.

That night Lucy and Lauren put on a little riddle game for us all with a pack of cards that was there.

And then we headed back to the real world.

Good times.

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