Let’s face it, Lucy tries to wedge her way into being star of the week every week.
But you have to admit, she gives me some pretty good material to work with.

Name: Lucy Eyre

Favorite Past Time: drawing…not only on paper, but on walls, chairs, cabinets, and most of all her shirts and legs (those last two are pretty much her specialties)(she makes some mean personalized tatoos)

“reading”…she LOVES a good book

playing with baby dolls…tucks them in their beds and pushes them around in her shopping cart all day (thanks Anne!)

Best Talent: she somehow can get us to do what she wants without being able to say much. Plus she can say “thank you” and although it sounds like “nuo nuu” it still melts my heart because she says it by herself without being prompted now.

Favorite Show: need I even say it? I am in love with whoever invented Dora. Our last drive to and from mountains last weekend was a dream with that Dora music in the background…no screaming.

Favorite Animal: Dog…no contest on that one either. She loves dogs so much that it has made my husband’s dog aversion shift. Just the tiniest of shifts…but that door has finally become ajar. The one that opens to the possibility of us having a dog some day. I say “ajar” liberally, because really it’s just the tiniest crack. But I’m just sayin’… that’s a pretty big step.

She HAS to listen to Scripture Scouts in the car simply because there’s a dog in it, and man oh man he makes her laugh. She “sings” along on the serious, pretty songs. Melts my heart like butter.

(note: her fav. song has shifted to “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from Annie since I wrote this…nothing to really do with dogs, but I think it’s so funny.)

Best Physical Feature: cheeks…and teeth how they are kind of in an overbite when she smiles…oh man I love it. Oh, and let’s not forget those piercing blue eyes surrounded by long eyelashes that stick together in long, sleek curls after she cries (which, unfortunately, is a bunch).
I love those blue-pool eyes with all my heart.

Oh, and I can’t forget her hair. I love that cute hair.
Thing that annoys her most: when I put my hands on the cart in grocery stores to push her around. She pushes them away every time with a mad screech. So, I pull carts around Costco, the grocery store, Marshalls, etc.

Favorite article of clothing: do I need to even say it? of course it’s her crocs…she naps in them, sleeps in them, bathes with them…she ADORES them. Luckily my Dad recently sent us a few extra pairs so she has black mary-jane ones to wear to church instead of her hot pink ones. Thanks Dad!I love this picture because it’s so “Lu” right now. Because of the summer heat here in the desert we have shifted from the “leisure suits” to what Dave likes to call “mu mus” (sp?)

Oh, and she likes a good Mickey Mouse hat every once in a while too.

…and let’s not forget her “eyes” (Dora sunglasses…she adores them…thanks Jo!):
Lucy’s favorite place to be:…She’s got the right idea! It’s HOT here.

Elle took this picture. I like it. I like it a lot.
I love that Lucy can finally RUN. It’s amazing how thankful I am for things I took so for granted with my other kids.

Love that Lu.

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  1. I love the stars of the week. I'm glad that shopping cart is being used for something other than a battering ram. Have fun in Utah

  2. I love Lucy! along with the rest of the world. Thank you for loving her so much and living with her distinct personality! Elle, your picture was amazing! You have your mother's talent for sure. I just can't believe how you can capture life both in picture and words.

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