This post is dedicated to my dad.  Because he’s a tennis lover.  He thinks tennis can walk on water.  So here’s a tennis post for you Dad!
These girls made the high school tennis team:
2019 02 25 tennis 215869

It was touch and go for both.  For Claire, she’s got some club volleyball conflicts so at first she wasn’t going to try out. But it would be the only time she and Grace could play together and she’s really pretty good at tennis so I told her maybe she should just give it a try.  She came home from tryouts glowing like it was the best thing on the planet.  And then she made the team.  So we are on the journey of trying to juggle these two sports just for a little bit.

For Grace, there were only so many varsity spots and there are some incredibly good seniors so she really had to fight it out. A couple girls decided not to try out this year for some odd reason, and she was able to work hard to win a spot.

Dave and I sat on the sidelines that first home match on Monday just basking in the glory of tennis again.  It felt so good to be there watching those girls of ours swing away.

2019 02 25 tennis 215821
2019 02 25 tennis 215837
2019 02 25 tennis 215823
2019 02 25 tennis 215825
2019 02 26 iPhone 215921
2019 02 26 iPhone 215929
After they had their singles matches (and won!) they played a little doubles.
2019 02 25 tennis 215828
And THAT is fun for a parent to watch.
2019 02 25 tennis 215829
2019 02 25 tennis 215849
2019 02 25 tennis 215851
2019 02 25 tennis 215856
2019 02 25 tennis 215860
2019 02 25 tennis 215876
2019 02 25 tennis 215881
Here they are with Elle’s old coach, who’s now theirs too (Grace had a different coach last year).
2019 02 25 tennis 215898
2019 02 25 tennis 215894
2019 02 25 tennis 215896
We basked in the coolness of the perfect air that evening watching the sun set, knowing that that little spot in the picture above is going to be cooking before we know it.  

It’s already been a full tennis week this first week…three matches and team pictures.
Claire couldn’t make it to the second match (volleyball), but Dave and I got to be there to root on this girl:
2019 02 26 iPhone 215931
They played I think the number one tennis team in the state that day so the results weren’t quite like the wins they took the first day, but so fun to watch them fight it out.
Here’s the team:
2019 02 27 iPhone 216009
2019 02 27 iPhone 216006
2019 02 27 iPhone 216012
It’s gonna be a fun season.
2019 02 25 tennis 215859
Come join us on the sidelines, Dad!


  1. Hi Shawni, I've followed your blog for so many years now. I have 3 children , one 21, one 17 and one 12. My 17 year old daughter has recently become very interested in the LDS church. Is there any way she can connect with you for guidance. She has a lot of questions. Thank you so much in advance.

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