All that pouring rain I talked about back HERE gifted us some snow in the mountains.

And do you know what the chances are of getting snow in the desert?  It’s like the equivalent of kids begging to do extra chores on a Saturday.  It just doesn’t happen.

When something that monumental happens, there’s nothing else to do but search it out.

Ok, there are actually lots of other things to do, but we had early church on Sunday and Dave was still gone and I had three people with stars in their eyes about snow so we packed up the car and took off.

2019 02 24 winter 215694
It turned out to be like one of those mirages people see in the desert when they’re super thirsty…the more we drove the more that snow was just out of reach.  The glistening sun had come out and speed-melted the snow that the girls had seen pictures of so close the day before.
But it was sure fun to see all the beauty as we chased it.  And it was actually kind of fun that there were so many other drivers on the road out on a Sunday drive searching for the same hidden treasure.
And it didn’t hurt that the desert was in all it’s glistening glory with just a touch of white stuff giving it teeny bit of a disguise.

Can you see it back there behind those jutting out beauties below?
2019 02 24 winter 215558
That was our first stop.  

Loved having Josh there, both of us with our cameras, he with his drone, Grace and Claire with their film cameras slung around their necks appreciating that beauty just as deeply as I was, Bo with a couple cactus prickles from sniffing too close and Lucy happy as could be just along for the ride.

2019 02 24 winter 215569
2019 02 24 winter 215573
See those mountains beyond all the cacti below?  Those were the ones we were chasing as the sun started to sink in the sky.  
2019 02 24 winter 215593

Interesting to see such different landscaped juxtaposed together.

 2019 02 24 winter 215601

We stopped over and over again to drink all that beauty lit up in the slanting sun.

.2019 02 24 winter 215607
One more prickle extracted from Bo’s mustache 🙂
2019 02 24 winter 215609
At one stop we saw this overlook off in the distance…see those people up there on the top of that mountain in the pic below?
2019 02 24 winter 215612
We followed their lead.
2019 02 24 winter 215717
2019 02 24 winter 215719
2019 02 24 winter 215616
2019 02 24 winter 215636
Up to the tippy-top.  See our shadows just barely peeking up above that hill shadow in that picture below?
.2019 02 24 winter 215632
Yep that was us.  And that’s Canyon Lake you can see a little sliver of.  And then those luring snow mountains off beyond our grasp.
2019 02 24 winter 215649
2019 02 24 winter 215642
2019 02 24 winter 215640
A little closer view of the lake.
2019 02 24 winter 215627
…and of my photographers:)
2019 02 24 winter 215646
2019 02 24 winter 215661
Oh and the taking-carer of the dog:
2019 02 24 winter 215673
2019 02 24 winter 215691
2019 02 24 winter 215703
2019 02 24 winter 215724
A few more stops en route back to find Dave who was by now back at home.
2019 02 24 winter 215737
2019 02 24 winter 215747
2019 02 24 winter 215749
2019 02 24 winter 215774
2019 02 24 winter 215779
Josh and I couldn’t pull ourselves away from this beauty.  It was SO GORGEOUS with that slanting sun lighting up those rock crevices.  
2019 02 24 winter 215784
2019 02 24 winter 2157972019 02 24 winter 215806
We drove home for a happy reunion with Dave, and to bake cookies and watch the Emmy’s while playing cards.
2019 02 24 winter 215815
2019 02 24 winter 215818
It was a good Sunday.


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