Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for all those incredibly kind and buoying comments in the last post. Means so much to me. Thank you for being “in the trenches” with me here on this little sliver of the Internet, many of you for so many years! It feels so good to know that you’re not alone, and all those beautiful comments helped me realize I’m not alone and neither are you. We’re in this together. Even if we can’t give each other physical hugs through the valleys that come our way, there is beauty in being able to lift from afar. Something so many of you have done for me through the years just by leaving kindness on these pages.

Thank you.

I’m so grateful for the blog feedback as we get ready to launch this new format. The “journal” type entries will still be here, but hopefully you’ll like the new format to be able to find more of the parenting thoughts and mothering encouragement more easily.

The “new and improved 71Toes” was supposed go live today, but things are always more complicated than we think it will be, am I right?

For now, I just wanted to come post some quick thoughts for Holy Week, because here we are pretty much smack-dab in the middle of it.

art by J. Kirk Richards

I couldn’t post over the weekend because we were working on some things. But I wanted to say that one thing I loved about conference weekend (aside from the fact that Claire and a slew of her college girlfriends were here to join us…more on that soon!) was that so many of our church leaders talked about Holy Week. They talked about what a wonderful opportunity we have to join with other Christian faiths to celebrate that “He Lives.”

I love these yellow cards that have helped us for so many years as we contemplate the life of Christ:

But each year I am always on the lookout for new ideas to help us bring into focus what’s most important.

Some ideas to make Easter more meaningful

So since I know many other mothers are in the same boat, I wanted to share two resources to help parents out there who want to do more with Holy Week.

1) This first one is from the church.

2) And this one is from my sister…some awesome ideas I’ve actually shared before but someone was asking this week and I felt like I should share again. Because they are so good:

There you go!

I have a few more things to say about the Easter gifts I’m giving my kids, but maybe that will be in the new format coming hopefully tomorrow!

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