I listened to a podcast (“All In” with Lizzy Jensen…SO GOOD!) the other day that talked about how women tend to “renew” themselves every five years or so. I thought that was so interesting.

It made me think of how life, as part of nature, follows such an interesting pattern of renewal.

If we want to progress, we have to go through pretty big upheavals of change so that we are always regenerating and striving to “make new.”

This made me think of the nature in my neighborhood that has been bursting with buds, then blossoms, then full-blown bright green ready-for-summer leaves. This had done a number to my allergies, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today (although I will just say the sniffles and itchy eyes are killing me).

I am always in awe of how nature changes. The cycle of renewal is incredible in people and in nature.

This picture was from my neighborhood at the beginning of fall:

Then late-Fall:

Barren winter (which I believe is beautiful too):

A tiny hint of green coming back:

Tiny buds everywhere:

We better get a closer look at those puppies:

And just last week: a sea of fresh green.

I love that life, like nature, is continually bringing us newness.

Well, sometimes I don’t love it so much. Change is difficult.

We are continually needing to renew ourselves. To break out of our old habits and morph into new beings. I feel like I’m in one of those trying-to-change-old-habits right now as I write, and sometimes that type of growing is painful.

But I believe that is how we find ultimate joy.

And I need to remember that we can reach Up and seek guidance for each step in the process of renewal we come up against. I loved how that podcast mentioned at the beginning has made me think more deeply about that.

I do have a lot of questions…I mean, that guidance doesn’t come as readily or as cut-and-dry to me as it seems to for other people. Or does it, and I have to look back and be more aware to recognize it? I’m in the midst of trying to figure that out right now.

So much to learn in life.

But I’m grateful that sometimes my neighborhood trees remind me that just like them, I have to go through those never-ending cycles of renewal. And it can be a beautiful thing, especially if I’m looking back at the “glistening whole” after all the hard work.

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  1. I’m curious – have you read any of the writing of Terry Tempest Williams? I’ve been reading/listening to her a lot lately and this post made me think of that. She writes about nature and – as a defunct member – LDS womanhood. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts if you have!

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