One of the best things that happened this month was that our friends were able to get sealed as a family forever in the temple.
It has been such a cool journey for them, and for us too because we have loved that we have learned so much from them along the way.  They have some of the best hearts ever, and I have loved their questions we have discussed and learned so much from and their goodness.  It’s kind of cool to be reminded of all the things we kind of take for granted in our religion, and delve in deeper on many levels as we’ve discussed things through the past couple years.
Love them.
First we got to go through the temple with just them.  

It was an awesome day.
And then we got to join up with a whole bunch of their friends on the big day when they were sealed together as a family.

It was a pretty special day.  So many details that filled up my heart, like the pure joy on their oldest boy’s face as he explained to me how he could hardly contain his excitement.  And then to watch them surrounded by their family, and an outer circle of so many people who love them so much in that beautiful place…it was something I’ll always remember.

So grateful for that beautiful family and that we got to share those special days with them.
And speaking of families, I just have to share that my sister Saren is starting a new website I’m personally so excited about.  She’s co-partnered to run Power of Moms for over ten years, and it’s been such a beautiful thing that has helped so many families.

Now she is splitting off to create Power of FAMILIES, which I love.  I love the recognition that although the mom is a powerful influence in the family, the whole family unit as one is POWER!
Here’s a little information: 
Sorry, that link up there doesn’t work…click HERE for
Check out that new member package…pretty cool I must say.
Families make the world go around.  And we can all use any kind of influence to help build them and give them even more power.


  1. Love this beautiful family! It's so great that they have had such warm and welcoming support! Go Saren! We are so excited about all the new possibilities of The Power of Families as Saren goes forward with new ideas and new inspirational programs! This new website represents hundreds of hours of hard work to help families succeed. Congrats Saren!

  2. OK, so if this man dies tomorrow and the lady remarries and has 2 kids by hubby #2…. when they all get to the afterlife, where does #2 and his kids fit in to the already sealed forever family involving the other husband (father of the first two kids)? They share a Mom/Wife, but she can't be sealed to two men/families, am I right?

    1. Is this not an appropriate question to ask, respectfully?

      Gee, for a church that prides itself on "sharing" your faith, you sure get defensive when someone asks a doctrinal question!

      Why is that? Do you just not know the answer, or do you feel it presumptuous and wrong for someone to inquire? If someone asked one of your missionaries this question, would they roll their eyes and say, "really"?

    2. It's always bad timing for any of you to answer deep doctrinal questions. I'm sorry but as evangelizers, you need some more training.

      When people not of your faith read information like that contained in this post, it is foreign to us. We think of questions that those of you raised in the church may not have ever thought of (told not to think of?)

      This is a happy thing for this family, but unless they are totally oblivious to real life, I would think this is something they would have thought about…

      It's obvious you don't know the answer – that's why you are choosing to chastise me for asking rather than thank me for my interest in your weird beliefs and providing me with some sort of sensible response.

    3. Tabby,

      She remains sealed to her first husband unless she requests a sealing cancellation from the first presidency. If she did request that and it was granted, she could then be sealed to another man. A woman can only be sealed to one man. Her children from the first marriage remain sealed to them. A cancellation of sealing does not affect the children's sealing. Any children born to her and the second husband would be sealed to the first husband if that sealing was still intact. That may seam unfair but we believe that those issues will be sorted out in the next life. It's most important for the children to be sealed in a family unit.

      I hope this makes sense. I will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

  3. THANK YOU, JOLENE!! I have asked this question so many times on this blog and on the Eyrealm blog, and have NEVER gotten a straight answer.

    Of course, I never expected any answer from Shawni, and didn't get one – but Mr. Eyre just said that it didn't really matter, that God would sort it out. I truly appreciate that you took time to elaborate on this.

    I understand your answer, but still think it leaves one husband "out in the cold" so to speak. Not sure how a loving God could/would do that..

    Also, since you offered… I do have one more question. If the situation were reversed and it was the wife that died…. is the answer still the same for the husband and wife #2 and potential kids?

    You said a woman can only be sealed to one man. Can a man only be sealed to one woman? If not, why? What is the reasoning behind two different rules for males and females?

    Thanks again!

  4. Tabby, I'm sorry I've been offline for a few days. I hope I can write this so it makes sense. If wife #1 were to die and her husband remarried and had children with wife #2, it would depend on whether or not they were married/sealed in the temple. If they were married in the temple, those future children would be sealed to him and wife #2. If they were married civilly, the children would not be sealed to anyone. Men can be sealed to more than one woman. I do not know the why behind that but I know who to ask if you would like to know more. Please feel free to email me at and I will try to answer your questions or find someone who can.

  5. I can feel the joy and spirit beaming from the lovely family sealing. Do they have a blog or Instagram page about their journey I find it so inspirational Thank you for sharing Maria Teresa

  6. I can feel the joy and spirit beaming from the lovely family sealing. Do they have a blog or Instagram page about their journey I find it so inspirational Thank you for sharing Maria Teresa from Melbourne Australia

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