I try to follow Lucy’s example a lot in life. But lately, especially with a new year and new beginnings, I’m trying to follow her example of taking action.

Man, she’s good at it!

I had to sneak a little picture of her notes at church because they pretty much rock.

She brings her little notebook each week and listens her little heart out, scribbling notes as she feels inspired.

And after a particularly good talk she looks up at me with stars in her eyes and whispers, “that was the best talk I’ve ever heard.” (Yes, there are LOTS of good talks in her perspective.)

During one talk a couple weeks ago she was quite inspired. The talk was about love, and she was inspired enough that she grabbed my phone and texted a friend she had been worried about…one who may need a few more friends to buoy her up…and she asked her if she wanted to sit together at lunch.

I don’t know what happened in response to that text, but I do know that I teared up a little bit thinking about that girls’ good heart.

Then the other day, after Claire had orchestrated a socially distanced picnic in the midst of the crunching fall leaves with her friends to enjoy the glorious weather going on here in the desert (Claire is good at taking action too:), Lucy looked at her wistfully and decided that sure seemed like a good way to spend an evening.

So she decided would take action to follow suite.

Despite her mother’s hesitation for a few reasons, she grabbed my phone again, and made that picnic happen:

By the time I realized that determined girl really was going to make this happen, I decided I better help her come up with a little food to share. It didn’t start with her first initial (although she did make lemonade for that), we decided to get fancy and do a little charcuterie board:

Fancy schmancy right? And these girls had a beautiful night amidst those fall leaves, smiles all around.

Now if I can just follow her example on taking more action in my own life. Oh! I have so many things I want to make happen, I just need to narrow them down so I can actually do them!

Thanks Lu, for your example. xoxo

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  1. Love this! And when I saw the charcuterie board I thought you had made homemade “lunchables” a common supermarket find here in England consisting of a packet of cheese crackers and ham…mix between the word lunch and nibbles I suppose. (And it begins with L!) sounds like a perfect evening I hope all enjoyed!!

  2. I’m a long time reader and have always been so impressed by Lucy! I’m especially impressed that she let you post her personal notes. She’s a treasure for sure! Thank you for sharing her with us.

  3. Lucy is an example to us all! I’m always encouraging my small group of ladies to take the lead and reach out to others. Great job, Lucy!

  4. Do not think so much, but act instead. What a great mantra could this be for our current struggle with covid.
    Keep up the inspiration. Wish you a wonderful day.
    Greetings Timo

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