To be real, usually I’m flying by the seat of my pants in preparation for General Conference (which comes in April and October), but this year I got my act together earlier than usual.  
I bought Dave some beautiful flowers to give me (ha! I love to help him with that, and help him remember that tulips are my favorite 🙂

We had donned our Easter banner I made last year:

I even printed out the “conference bingo” papers my kids love to help them listen the night before, instead of scrambling five minutes before it started.
Claire and I got to work on those the night before too (recipe back HERE).
(I figured I’d try rolling them and refrigerating them overnight so I could soak in conference a little better on Sunday morning, and it worked great.)

Those things have become quite a staple and we get kind of excited about them.  Lucy had been talking about them for days with sparkly eyes.

But the reason I’m telling this story is because we got this pic. from Elle on conference morning, with a little message that she was doing her own version of cinnamon rolls.

Just a little thing, but man alive I love how traditions can bond your family so much.

The girls prepped themselves for conference, got the television turned on and their bingo cards ready before I could even tell them what to do.
And we sure loved listening to the words of those great leaders infiltrating our home with goodness and light.

We had a bunch of families over for a potluck brunch between sessions, and although they all look almost comically serious in this picture, we had such a great time eating and talking.

…then back to listening.

(kind of exciting that we decided Bo was ready for us to roll back out our rug between conference sessions…so far so good…)

…and bingo:

And candy when they won bingo.

Which was extra exciting since we’re off sugar this month except for that one day and Easter.

We are doodlers around here and I love the creations these kids come up with while they’re listening.

(Claire and her friend are thinking of starting some sort of business with this little logo below)

Turns out that over in Hawaii Elle and her roommates were doing their own kind of doodling.

Conference was extra good this year.  It spoke to me in so many ways.

You can listen to any conference talk HERE.

My very favorites this year were Elder Holland, who talked about “singing” in our own voices, and standing close to the Savior who has “perfect pitch.”  I loved Gary B. Sabin who encouraged us to “Stand up inside” and to be “all in.”

I loved Valeri Cordon’s encouragement to teach children through act and word as we teach in the “language of the gospel,” and Joy Jones said many similar things to help us raise a sin resistant generation.

I loved Yoon Hwan Choi’s advice to “look up” and Elder Christofferson’s description of “culture of guilt” vs. “culture of shame.”  Oh and I LOVE Elder Costa and how he talked directly to those investigating the church.

But perhaps my very favorite was Elder Palmer, who talked about six words from the bible, “then Jesus beholding him, loved him,” and how those words made him think.  It made me want to study my scriptures more in depth and learn better how to be filled with Christ-like love.

Those are just the ones I took notes on, but man alive there was a lot of rich beauty to take in and ponder and use as tools to become better, and more Christ-focused, and to LOVE MORE.

So much goodness packed into one weekend.


  1. Such great stuff! I would have made the same list of favorites with the addition of Elder ClaytonI So many really deep and thought-provoking messages!

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