I’m sharing links to two resources today.

Because like parenting books I always try to have close, it’s always great to have ideas to re-work mothering from time to time.

1)  I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to be interviewed by Jessica Dahlquist a little bit ago.  She is a pretty exceptional lady who has interviewed all kinds of moms about all kinds of ideas.  It was so great to talk to her!  The topic of our conversation was on raising teenagers, but really we touched on a lot more than that.  All kinds of motherhood ideas and thoughts from toddlers to communication to dealing with chaos.  

That interview went live yesterday.  And Lucy and I listened to it together, her eyes widening every time I mentioned her:)  Jessica asked me all kinds of things about what I’ve learned over the years and it was kind of fun to reminisce.

You can listen to that over HERE.  
2)  I talk a lot on this blog about family systems.  Jobs, money systems, practicing, traditions, schedules…the whole gamut of things we mothers deal with every day.  
Well, my sister has put together a pretty awesome 1-hour webinar for TOMORROW (Thursday, January 19th) on all kinds of family system topics.  All kinds of tried-and-true ideas to glean from.
You can sign up HERE to listen and get all the information.

I’m pretty sure once we listen in we will all look like that family up there, happily getting along and working together.  Ha!  But maybe we’ll get at least a little notch closer to that!
Once you’re signed up there you will get information sent to your email about how to tune in tomorrow (Thursday).  
I’m excited to listen in.  
Happy listening!

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  1. Oh. My. Stars. I Loved listening to your interview Shawni! I felt like saying amen enthusiastically after each part wow! Such stirring, inspiring things to ponder. Some things that really stuck out to me was – write things down, "interview" your kids, littles kids have not mastered self control yet ha!, the re-working and tweaking continually, so many days and nights that arrive with the would have could have should have loom and gloom but to learn from them and take a deep breath and tomorrow is always a fresh new day, communication is key, to ENJOY the journey as much as humanly possible (with crazies of course always still apart), and I think my favorite message of all is to strive to make sure each feels that unconditional love from us as their mother and from up above. THANK YOU!! I highly recommend this fun conversation as well as Sarens awesome podcast about family systems which I listened to many times in the past- as well as several of the powerofmoms podcasts. Much love to you!!

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