Remember how Dave’s sister and her husband headed to Africa to serve as Mission Presidents there?

Yeah, it was almost a year and a half ago. How in the world does time speed by so quickly??

Well, she got to come on back to the desert for a few days (some medical and to see her kids and grandkids), and it was SO good to have her home.

To hear all about her joy in the work she and her husband are doing in Africa.

And to gather as extended family to soak her and her missionary spirit right up.

Loved getting a little window into all they are learning, the good people they get to live in the midst of, the culture. Loved hearing about the highs and lows, the things they are working through as well as the goodness that abounds in this adventure she’s smack-dab in the middle of over there.

We all got to go watch our niece cheer one night, in the *slightly* cooler desert evening.

And loved that opportunity to hear even just a little more of her expansive thoughts and all she is learning.

Missionary work is quite amazing. It has so much power not only to help others forge a pathway to God, but it helps us grow our own in the process.

So fun to see that working first-hand with our own missionary who’s still slugging away in the MTC, shining bright as can be every time we get to talk to her on “P-Day,” preparing to head on over to the other side of the world soon.

More on her next week!

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