To wrap up our Utah trip I’ll end with our sledding trip…with our big huge group and our thousand kids.

Well, actually the adults just hung out while the kids tried to get enough creative momentum going to get them down the slushy hills. We knew it was trouble when the guy selling passes announced we may want to try another day because the snow was SO slow.

But the kids sure as heck seemed to love it anyway.They don’t let a little slow-ness get in their way. No way.
We brought along a few cousins to join in the group.And all us adults watched the kids and talked. Here are some of the couples since I couldn’t corral the adults to all stand together:Keep in mind that some of our faces got cremated by the sun on the slopes that day.
(These two didn’t really go together, but hey, I didn’t know where their spouses were when my camera was ready to aim.)

Love this family.

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