We got to see a whole slew of family while we were in Utah.

And I’m so thankful for that. Lu and I stayed with my parents while Dave and the other families battled the snowstorm of the century to get up there.

On Sunday when they joined us, the girls had a heyday with all the paraphernalia they just brought home from India last month.
Later my sister informed me that they were entirely wrong where they placed those little red dots, but hey, they were trying to look very Indian.
There, I think we got the red dot a little closer on this one. Do you think they had fun with these dress-ups?

I LOVE the light in my parent’s house. It makes my want to build my own house just to try to get this kind of light. I could NOT stop taking pictures, it was so gorgeous.

And I especially couldn’t stop when Max, my boy who hates to be in pictures, let me go hog-wild taking pictures of him.

Even Dave let me take a few. I was in Heaven.
Now I was pressing my luck:

My Dad took the girls out to see the horses through the snow.…they don’t look like they’re too excited about it in this picture.
But look how cute they look traipsing along out there in their Sunday clothes.

Then it looks like Claire caught the vision of “fun.” Love that smile:

And Elle had the “fun” vision the whole time:

I’m telling you, I could NOT stop taking pictures.
My poor family…
This is where my Mother feels most comfortable. She is always pulling out food to feed someone. What a hostess.

And my Dad, well, he’s the master of what he calls “Daddy Drinks,” which consist of every random thing he can find to blend up in the fridge/freezer.
Max looks very intent in helping him out.
I love how my Dad really LISTENS to my kids. Can you see the concentration on his face?
Love it.

My baby sister Charity took care of Lu a couple days while we were skiing. She just got back from India too. You can read about her adventures here. Boy oh boy I want to go. I want to be the family that oversees that school. Can you imagine how much your kids would learn? Or how much you would learn for that matter??

Anyway, here she is:
My other sister Saren (the Power of Moms one) happened to be coming through SLC on her way back to St. George from Idaho with her family. We got to see her at my parent’s house one of the evenings.
What a great family they have. They are opposite from us: one girl and four boys and I wish we got to be around them more often!

I personally love the hot pink pants one of their twins found to keep him warm in the snow (above).
These three are the oldest grandkids on my side of the family. They have a lot of responsibility to be good examples to all those little cousins.

These girls decided staying in-doors was the best option:
…and really, who could blame them when those whiz-bang Indian dress-up clothes were calling their names? They put on some serious fashion shows.
Last but certainly not least, we got to see Dave’s sister and her family. Oh man we love these guys and wish we could talk them into coming back to live in the desert with us. Alas, I don’t thing it’s gonna happen…I think they’ve got it pretty good up there in Utah.
We stayed overnight with them our last night and it was so great to get a chance to get caught up.

Julie & Seth took us out for some delicious Thai food and it makes my mouth water even thinking about it. Thanks guys! (I’m mad I didn’t get a picture of them…they are one heck of a cute couple in case you can’t tell by the cute kids and they are expecting number SIX.)
I love family.

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  1. i hope you don't mind… but i check out your blog occasionally. i am julie's sister-in-law and seth's sister… i just want you to know that i think you take beautiful pictures of such a beautiful family! no… i really am not a stalker:)

  2. I'm with you Shawni, Newel is going to India for a couple of weeks this summer on a work assignment. I've been begging to go and to take the kids along. Wouldn't it be great to teach little guys an appreciation and an awareness of a fabulous culture??

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Those dots are called bindis. When my oldest was a baby our good friends invited us to their Diwali celebration and she wore a little bindi–baby's first bindi!

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