The only problem with this “enjoy” stuff for 2015 and slowing down on blogging is that I get even more far behind on things I want to document so I’m trying to catch up just a little this week.  
But I guess since we just barely took down our kitchen “heart attack” (back HERE…I couldn’t bring myself to take them down any earlier I love those things!), I guess it’s a good time to wrap up that great holiday.
Oh boy I love having a day of LOVE mixed into the year. 
I talked a little bit about our my kids’ Valentine’s prep back HERE, but I forgot to include the pictures of Lucy’s initial Valentine’s card idea.
This is the front of the only card she made:
…and this is the back:
Are you trying to melt me with cuteness Lu??  I think since that one took so darn long she was more than happy to opt for the store-bought ones we bought instead 🙂
The day before the big day was a big, grand celebration for everyone at school.  I mean, what’s Valentine’s Day for kids without school parties?  I do not know.
I figured it was important enough to them that I should go surprise them at lunch.
…and head out with them to recess too.
Could not be more grateful for these darling friends.
We all were pretty happy about that little visit.
Grace and her friends came over after school to experiment with the new pizza recipe they learned at school that day.

Grace could not be cajoled into the picture for some odd reason, darn it, but she was the boss of this project and man alive she’s sure becoming a great cook!

I decided I better bite the bullet and do our traditional Valentine’s sugar cookies too right alongside her.

Who wouldn’t want to get a plate of those babies delivered to their front door??

I didn’t plan much for Valentine’s Day.  (I’m still trying to adjust my “enjoyment” which means I’m not as prepared for things these days….which surprisingly still turns out ok.)
So cute Lucy poked her head into our bedroom that morning asking when it was time for our “pink pancakes.”  She had set the table all up for us and was wondering when I was going to put the little gifts I usually have into their cups (traditions hold I tell you!!)

Luckily I scrounged up some stuff speedy quick to fill up those cups that pacified her …really exciting things like hand sanitizer and raisins.

And we whipped up our pink pancakes.

Lucy and Claire had also been working on a big Valentine’s gift for me and Dave.

Complete with a string of hearts:

…and a poem:

I was on-the-ball enough to buy my four girls some beautiful multi-colored roses.

I gave them to them with a little poem about why I picked the specific color I did for each of them.

It made me cry to read it.  I’m just so grateful for these girls of mine and how different and unique they each are!!

Max was at volleyball so he missed out on breakfast AND the lunch we decided to take everyone out to.  Dang it. 
Luckily he loves that volleyball of his.  
That night my own #1 Valentine surprised me with a take-out Thai food dinner on the back porch.

It was the best way ever to beat the hoards of crowds out on the town on Valentine’s night.

Sure love that “Love Day” and my “loves” that I get to be surrounded by every day.

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  1. Shawni I love that you shared this with us. It has given me a big smile for the day! I did your "heart attacks" on my kid's doors for the second year thanks to you. Last year, they were shocked. This year they were just so happy. They really appreciate that I did that. Now it's a tradition! Thank you!

  2. I'm so happy you are still finding a little time to blog, I check all the time and get excited when there is a new one for me to ENJOY 😉 Thank you!

  3. Funny thing, I saw you and your family at Liberty Market that day. You were a few people behind us in line. I didn't say anything because that is just weird. Everyone looks just like they do on the blog, imagine that. What a fun Market and excellent food!!!

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