We had a virtual Family Home Evening with my whole family last month.

We all linked into the computer at the same time and it was awesome…and chaotic too. Each time someone talked it cut to their family so there are a bunch of changes of scenery.

It was so fun to see one brother and his family in Hawaii (they just moved there) where it was early afternoon and another brother and sister late at night in Boston and NYC while it was just regular FHE time here in the desert. My Dad was by himself in Park City because my Mom was sitting here with us.

Who knows if the stars will align right to do it again in the future, but it was fun while it lasted. I loved hearing all the cousins yelling out to each other and being so excited to catch a glimpse of each other as the computer shuffled through everyone and any “news” they wanted to share.

(More about each sibling in this post back here.)

P.S. Great gift ideas here (my sis-in-laws awesome jewelry site) and here (free podcasts and programs you can give to your favorite moms :).

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  1. This is awesome! Such a cool idea. A random question for you, coming from such a close tight knit family, when did you start doing things just with you, Dave, and your kids? My husband and I are the only ones in our families that are trying to start our own holiday traditions and branch off a little bit and we are getting some flaux for it. Right now we just have one child, so part of me thinks, lets take advantage of this time and spend as much time with our extended family as possible, and part of me says this is the best time to settle down and start our own traditions. What do you think?

  2. Shawni.. Great idea..! We are going to have to try Virtual FHE!

    Now, I have a question. I would really really like to buy your Salt Lake Temple photo.. the one taken of just the front.

    I have looked at other photos in other places but I just love yours the most. Do you share… sell … your photos? I thought I would ask. Let me know. Please… 🙂 Just let me know..

    By the way… I love your blog and have been a fan of the Eyre family for a very long time… since I was a teenager! My mom collected your parent's books and I loved to read them too. So, I just must say THANKS to all of you. My husband and I just finished reading the Entitlemet Trap and continue to refine how we run our family and really appreciate the insights we learn from the Eyres! Thanks! Let me know.

  3. Sorry I should have left my email address…. it is stevenannefamily@hotmail.com If you have a minute .. please let me know if I can buy a copy of your Salt Lake Temple picture. Thanks so much… and I won't feel bad if you say no… I just wondered and saw that you sell some of your photos. Thanks again. Anne

  4. Hey Shawni! I love the idea about a skype-based family home evening, and I love the emphasis you put on family in your life. (: Just found your video today and I think you are awesome for doin' what you do!

    Keep it up,

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