There was a night last week when I was talking to Grace on the phone while trying to run last minute errands for Lucy’s birthday. We were talking about the journey life takes us on. Oh I just love having adult kids and the thoughts they come up with. And I loved talking in the velvet of the night with the lights zipping by outside my car and the warmth of the spirit within.

The next morning she sent me this quote that I think is so perfect per our conversation, and also so thought-provoking so I just thought I would share.

Love thinking about that.

There are so many tricky things in life. We fail and we triumph over and over again. We wade through sorrows that we sometimes can’t understand. We don’t have answers. Sometimes, in hindsight, the answers come. And we realize those tough things have made us stronger, and that doing the “impossible” has made it so that the next “impossible” will be that much easier. But other times we can’t look back and understand. There doesn’t seem to be an answer. I love to think that even the incomprehensible things are molding us and refining us in ways we can’t even imagine, right in the direction of what we asked for.

Just a little thought for the day.

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  1. That’s what I’m afraid of! Haha! I’m sure I was one of those spirits who were like, “Oh! Look at that blessing! I’ll take that challenge.” “Hey look a two for one! I’ll take that too!” “Are you going to take that? If not, I’ll take it.” LOL!

  2. I love the quote Grace sent you. It is beautiful to think that way and helps me parent when I remember things like that. My son just left on his mission – the two of us talked about how only now am I able to feel some gratitude for the hard things I’ve watched him face. I have realized I had more courage sending him off knowing he has developed resilience. So yes – I do think struggles are often preparing us for good things. Also- in the first letter I wrote him I included that quote about the impossible from your grandmother. He’s shared it with others. So her words live on! 😊

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