We had a baptism at Bear Lake this year.

Dean and Eli walking out into Bear Lake for baptism

You see, in our church, when kids reach the age of eight they can choose to be baptized. They chose to make that covenant with God to follow Him, and remember Him in their actions and thoughts.

Often these baptisms take place in church buildings, but they can really take place anywhere. Max and Grace’s birthdays both worked out close to the summer and they chose to be baptized at Bear Lake. Lucy turned eight when we lived in China. She was baptized in a large pool in the basement of someone’s home there (no baptismal fonts in China since there are no church buildings there).

Max baptized her and it was a pretty special day.

This year, my nephew Dean had recently turned eight and chose to be baptized at Bear Lake.

It was a pretty beautiful morning.

His parents gave a good welcome:

My mom gave such an awesome talk all about baptism:

Love these cousins snuggling up together to listen:

It was pretty special to watch those two head out into that cold Bear Lake water and come back to this crowd on the beach just glowing.

Here are a bunch of others who have been baptized at Bear Lake over the years:

Yep, lots of them! And just imagine Max in that photo because he was baptized there too but had left to get back to work by this time.

We headed up to the “Lighthouse” for the confirmation when Dean got the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

It was a pretty beautiful blessing with all these people I love surrounding that glowing little boy.

Yes, Bear Lake holds some pretty sacred memories.

Thank you for choosing to be baptized at Bear Lake, Dean! We loved being with you on that special day!

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    1. There is no freedom of religion in China, and all churches are banned. Americans and other foreigners are allowed to worship in small groups in their homes, but they are not allowed to proselytize their faith the Chinese nationals.

    1. It’s a neat slogan. That phrase takes the choice right out of the matter. Not that I think it should be a choice. You get to a certain age. You do the thing if you parents say to. You are a minor. You can do what you want when older under most circumstances. Are they going to chose the ‘wrong’ and go against their parents at the age of 7 and 364 days? Of course not.

  1. Shawni, thank you for your reply on the other post on this matter! It’s sooo beautiful to know that your family gets to have this special moment done in such a special place when you can! I am a Catholic, so as a Christian I also understand the importance of baptism. So happy that he’s on the right path 🙂
    I also love the picture of your mom (who started all this family along with your dad) speaking. It’s so legit, you know, like a happy and proud founding mother :). God bless you all.

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