All this stuff was supposed to go back at the end of the reunion post…some extra stuff that happened during the reunion that I didn’t fit in that post.
So here we go a little late…
My brother blessed his new little baby Dean.
Lots of blessings have taken place right in this special spot at the lake with these great men:
My brother and his great wife Julie named their baby Dean…named after my Grandpa that none of us got the chance to meet.  He died when my Dad was fifteen.  But I’ve always felt such a closeness to that man, and we all feel a pretty special bond with this little guy.
He wore the very same blessing outfit Max did when he was blessed all those years ago.  
So crazy to imagine that great big guy in that little tiny outfit.  Dean doesn’t seem too overwhelmed with the significance of that little fact ๐Ÿ™‚

After the blessing my Dad told a little bit about his great Dad, Dean.

And we basked in all these grandkids who adore each other so much.

We were so sad to be missing my brother Jo and Aja and their family, but loved skyping with them.

My brother Eli also had a birthday up at the lake, and Julie always comes up with a new way to celebrate up there with the numbers of how old he’s turning.  This year it was pinatas.
The kids were pretty excited about that…

And just for the record, it’s fun to document how the grandkid “groups” are changing each year.

Group #1:

Group #2 minus Ana who these two sorely missed this year:

Group #3:

 Group #4 (minus Camden who was also so very missed!):
Group #5:

…and then I get lost after that because they’ve switched the groupings a few times, but here are some pretty cute ones ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Dean is such a cute baby, his smile is adorable.:)

    If possible would you be able to post a picture of Max on his blessing day? I'd love to see what he looked like in the blessing outfit that Dean is wearing.

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