As I researched the top things to do on the Amalfi coast before our trip, my heart stopped on a hiking trail called “The Path of the Gods.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to hike something called the Path of the Gods, right?? And since I knew I’d have able-bodied, willing hikers as my travel buddies? This was a no-brainer. Here’s a quick guide to hiking “The Path of the Gods.”

The Path of the Gods

I posted this picture on my original Amalfi run-down post, but let’s take a closer look at it, because I realized these girls of mine have the exact same smile:

Elle, Grace and Claire ready to start hiking The Path of the Gods hike in Italy

And I love them.

Starting in the town of Nocelle

We were standing there at the trailhead of the hike in Nocelle where we were dropped off to begin our hike. If you want to take this hike, I think it would also be relatively easy to get a taxi to the trailhead. And I know there are public buses as well.

I think the majority of hikers who take this hike start out in a town called Bomerano and reach Nocelle as the end point. They then have an option to take the almost-2,000 steps leading from there down into the town of Positano. Which would be a pretty great reward. Lots more information about that on the Earthtrekkers site that was so helpful on this whole trip. But since we had been able to explore Positano the day before, we opted to do the hike backwards. This way we could get closer to the town of Amalfi and Ravello later that day.

Our Trail Guide

The travel company that helped us set up our two days in Almalfi was determined we needed a guide on this hike. We would have been just fine without one, but we really liked our guide. He told us all kinds of things about the Amalfi coast. He carried our water for us and it’s so interesting to learn from people!

He used to travel the world as a DJ and now is settled in Italy. He told us all kinds of cool things about all the plants.

And history too.

Hiking is like medicine to the soul

Maybe that sounds dramatic, but there is something so calming and healing about being out in nature, drinking in the nurturing it gives us.

We hiked past all these breathtaking views, awed at every turn.

Shawni, Elle, Grace and Claire on the ridge-line of the Path of the Gods
The Path of the Gods looking down to the waterline

I love that part of the hike that morning was in forested areas that were a little cooler.

And then we would bounce out to greet the incredible views again.

And sometimes you have to just do a little exuberant jump when that happens.

Shawni, Grace, Claire and Elle jumping on the hiking trail
Grace and Elle hiking with our guide

God-made nature and man-made nature intertwining

I loved that our guide pointed out, at this end part, that this part is so beautiful not only because of God-made creations. But that those man-made walls for farming God’s creations has added significantly to the beauty. Can you see those ridge-farms below?

So beautiful.

Shawni, Elle, Grace and Claire near the end of The Path of the Gods

We were tired and hot near the end, but oh I loved this morning, enveloped in all that beauty and the company of my dear girls…and our awesome new friend.

The trail going back if you were going the “right” way:

The end of the trail in Bomerano

We met up with our driver again in the main square of the little town of Bomerano.

And there you have it: a quick guide to hiking “The Path of the Gods” through all that beauty!!

Next we headed off onto the rest of our Amalfi adventure to the town of Amalfi and Ravello…and on to Pompeii.

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  1. SPECTACULAR! How in the world did you have time , not only to plan and execute this trip, but also to write about it and attach a million pictures! That is astonishing! Sleep for a while! 🙂 Love you!

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