There have been some tough days for my girl Lu the past little while.

Tough days in every different area.

School is one of the tough things right now. Oh boy, being a junior is hard for a girl who is losing her vision, amidst all the other things she’s dealing with. (For those who are new here, Lucy has a syndrome called BBS that causes vision loss amidst a myriad of other things.)

So of all things to be grateful for, it’s funny that we are both most grateful for her anatomy class as far as school goes. I mean, isn’t that a class that you most probably need your vision for?

Yes. Yes it is.

But gosh she loves it enough to work so hard to make it work. She is fascinated with how our bodies work and soaks in everything her teacher tells her like a sponge. She comes home and tells me the most interesting tid-bits. But then she realizes it may be better to talk to Carson or Dave who apparently know much more about the body than I do…ha.

It helps that she has the best teacher who knows how much she wants to learn. She is our hero right now. Oh we tell her this, but I wish she could really know what a difference she makes in Lucy’s days. One person can make such a difference!

Lu let me help her with a project last week, and I have to admit, we were pretty proud of that puppy.

I loved learning all those parts with Lu and basking in her love for learning.

Just so grateful for bright spots in a sometimes sea of darkness.

I know there are many who love Lu out there in cyberspace, if you can spare some prayers, we’ll take them.


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  1. What beautiful work on that project! Art AND science. Sending good wishes to Lucy from a fellow science gal out here in cyberspace.

  2. Sending lots of love! What an amazing job you did on your anatomy project! Way to go! Saying lots of extra prayers for you! You are amazing!

  3. First time commenter (long-time reader), but I was so excited to read this because Lucy’s teacher is my cousin! I sent her this link and she said it made her whole day. Hooray for excellent teachers, and go Lucy!!

  4. This is so beautiful that it makes me cry. I know a little bit about what it took to create that thing with Lucy! It’s so great that she loves this! No one will ever know what it takes for her mom to help her to thrive in that class in the darkness! Her ability memorize an incredible number of scientific body parts is astonishing! Love you both so much!

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