My daughter-in-law Abby is not only mother to one of the most darling creatures in the world and an incredibly natural mother, but she knows how to find good, and pretty darling, stuff:) She has put together the best baby gift guide to share with other moms and grandmas. Because we all need ideas for baby gifts, am I right?

So I’ll let Abby take it from here!

baby gift guide ideas

I am feeling so lucky to be here as an avid gift and baby lover! For better or worse, I spent a lot of last year combing through baby products in preparation for Murphy!

I created this gift guide to hopefully save at least one person from the baby product consumerism rabbit hole I went down!

I will also preface this by saying- I have a baby girl and I am about as girly girl as it gets. So a lot of the pictures featured are the color or style I chose. But if you click on the link most every product has different color/style options!

Happy gifting!

Peek-a-Boo Soft Activity Crinkle Book for Baby

I was at this boutique last week and I carried this around for 30 minutes debating if I should get it because these sensory books keep Murphy so entertained! It was darling but I ended up setting it down and I still regret it! Will be snagging it for Christmas!

Jellycat Bashful Pink Tulip Bunny Stuffed Animal

My sweet cousin got this adorable fluffy bunny for Murphy when she was born and she loves it!
We ended up sending Claire off with one so she and Murph could have the same
stuffed animal while they’re apart! SO CUTE.

Poke a Dot

This book was my childhood, so fun to pop as you read along, even for adults.
This was the original pop it toy/book. No flimsy pages so Murphy can
help turn the pages and she won’t rip them.

The Bee Without Wings

Just a darling book I keep wanting to get.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

We read this most nights and the artwork is the best part!

Baby Activity Walker – Activity Station

I am obsessed with little babies learning to walk and pushing one of these.
This one is adorable and I think would work for even a baby
who just knows how to sit up and play with the front!

Embroidered Alphabet Poster

Such a cute decoration that comes in a few different colors!

Jingle Travel Toy 

Weirdly enough Murphy has never enjoyed being in her carseat or the car! :-/
This toy has brought back my sanity in the car! We have had other
carseat hangers but she can reach and touch this one and
that has made all the difference! Cannot recommend enough!

FRIGG Pacifier

We only have these pacifiers and love them. I remember when Murphy was just a
few days old my mom told me to find the cutest binky I could and train
Murphy to like it and these were my pick!
We just throw them in the dishwasher to clean ’em!

Silicone Pacifier Holder

If you’re like me, you’re thinking what in the world is this thing! It’s a pacifier holder.
It goes on the strap of your diaper bag and you pop the pacifiers inside the bulb and it keeps
them clean from being loose in your diaper bag. Plus there’s nothing worse than when your baby
is screaming in public and you can’t find the binky! Now you’ll always know where it is!

Highchair Cushion Cover

Ok, this is genius! I decided to not spend a lot of money on a high chair so I just got
the classic IKEA high chair for $30 but found these cute covers on Amazon that go over them!
That way your baby isn’t sitting straight on the plastic and you can still have a fun pattern!

Kids Teepee Tent with Padded Mat & Light String & Carry Case

Just a cute little tent. My family had one of these growing up and it was the best!

Kids Tent Indoor & Outdoor Toddler Tent 

Just another cute tent option!

Tender Leaf Toys – Rosewood Cottage

Ask anyone in my family, I have wanted a little Tender Leaf mushroom set for my babies!
The little mushroom people are the perfect size for a kids tiny chubby hand! Murphy loves
chewing on their little wooden heads and I imagine she’ll play more with it as she gets older!

Tender Leaf Toys – Woodland Gnome Family 

This is a cheaper version of the set above! So cute!

Promptly Journals, A Complete Childhood History

I got myself one of these journals to keep track of milestones with Murphy and I think
it would make the perfect gift! I am not always the best at journalling and this makes it so easy!

Silicone Baby Teether Ball Toy

This is Murphy’s absolute favorite toy and I never would have bought it if I didn’t see it in person
first so you just have to trust me! It’s perfect for little babies because they get their
chubby little hands stuck in the middle and are in constant pursuit to get the ball in their mouth! This toy kept Murphy entertained at 2 months and still is at 6 months!

Baby Chain Link Rings Toy 12-Count

When Murphy is bored of any toy I just hang or dangle it and she loves it again!
She also loves chewing on these.

Stacking Cups Toy

Just a good staple that doubles as a great bath toy!

Baby Wearable Blanket | 100% Organic Cotton Muslin

I have to brag on this brand Mushie! They do it all and they have really cute natural colors!
We love this lightweight sleepsack. There are so many options for sleepsuits/sacks
but we just liked this simple sleepsack the best! These are amazing and breathable.
For a warmer one check out the brand Pehr!

Haakaa Baby Fruit Food Feeder

Absolutely love this baby feeder! I feel totally safe putting most any food
in it and love how easy it is to clean after!

Silicone Baby Bib

The best silicon bibs for wiping food right off. You can even throw these in the dishwasher.
When I am desperate I stick one of these on Murphy to catch her spit up because she
spits up THAT much! Ha! They come in lots of colors!

Trainer Sippy Cup

For babies not yet ready to suck out of a straw!

Silicone Baby Feeding Spoons 

Perfect spoons! We love that the handle is long enough for babies to
grab them from any angle and get a good grip!

Silicone Suction Bowl | BPA-Free Non-Slip Design

Again, I just love this brand and these bowls don’t move once you set them down!


So good for a baby learning to sit up and a great variation for a high chair!

Frida Baby Not-Too-Cold-to-Hold BPA-Free Silicone Teether for Babies

This may sound silly but these teething toys get just the right amount of cold.
They soothe without painfully freezing Murphy’s little gums!

100% Silicone Baby Pacifier Clip

Just a classic pacificer holder that comes in handy when Murphy decides
to try to throw her pacificer x100 times.

LOVEVERY | The Play Gym

Splurge item! We are still are in an apartment with limited space and didn’t have the budget to get multiple interactive baby toys so we decided on this Lovevery Playmat! We never had a swing, bouncer, or anything other than this because it is so amazing! It’s so entertaining for our baby girl, even so that she rolled over for the first time on this mat because she wanted to play with the tags on the other side! We have used it daily for months.

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light

We were lucky enough to be gifted this but I heard so much good about it, I would have bought
it if not. We only have good things to say about this alarm clock/sound machine/etc.
It’s a part of our everyday routine.

Muslin Burpcloths

The best spit up rags I found and you can trust me because Murphy has acid reflux! lol

Muslin Baby Swaddle Blanket | 100% Organic Cotton

I think we have at least 5 of these Mushie blankets. They are perfect and come in so many different colors and patterns. They also double as a very absorbent burp rag when desperate…..

SlumberPod Portable Sleep Pod Baby Blackout Canopy Crib Cover

I saw this tent before I had a baby and had to do a double take at the price because its up there.
But let me tell you this is one of the best purchases we made! Max’s home office and Murphy’s crib are in the same room and it works because of this slumberpod! Not to mention when
we would travel I was usually worrying if we would find a closet with ventilation to stick
Murphy in when we were away. Now I don’t worry at all. Money well spent!

Pop Up Beach Tent, Portable Outdoor Beach Shade Tent, UPF 50+

I get that we are going into winter, I just had to share this tent for those that live in warm places
year round or those wanting to snag it for the upcoming summer because this tent is perfect!
We take it everywhere! It is the perfect size. When we are at the beach, park, etc I could sit
straight up in it and nurse! Great shade protection and easy to fold up and store.

Handmade Baby Headbands

My good friend sent me the link to these bows when I first had Murphy!
I never have bought another pack of bows since! If you see a picture of Murphy
with a bow it’s one of these! They are perfect.

Yaani Object Permanence Box

Such a fun simple toy! Love that it’s a low stimulating/Montessori option!

Baby Sensory Toys, Montessori Pull String 

This is the strangest looking toy but babies love it! So good for teething and sensory work.

Bitzy Crinkle Sensory Toy with Teether

They also have a koala bear and dinosaur! So cute and Murphy would love the tags on this!

Articulated Fidget Toy, Rainbow Caterpillar Toy

I know this toy is so obnoxious looking. It is seriously so fun to fidget with and I find myself playing with it more than Murphy! This can always keep her entertained and doubles as a both toy too!

Genexa Infants’ Acetaminophen

I am perfectly aware that this not a regular baby gift but I just had to share because
nothing is worse than when your baby is sick and this has helped us so much!
Love that its a cleaner/oragnic option!

Processor and Immersion Blender — Dishwasher-Safe Attachments

We just started solid foods and I know this would make things so much easier!
I’ve heard nothing but good things for people who want to make their own baby food
or blend what the family is already eating!

Baby Nail Clippers

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing these are. I’ve always had them
so I don’t know any other way but people who had kids before me always say clipping
baby’s nails is the worst but its totally stress free with this trimmer!

Baby Girls Vintage Ankel Lace Socks

These socks are adorable and long enough that Murphy wouldn’t be able to pull them off!

Portable Diaper Changing Pad – Light, Soft & Machine Washable

A washable diaper changing pad makes all the difference. I had a leather one and I always wished I could just throw it in the washing machine! This one looks perfect and comes in such cute colors!

Roe Wellness Baby Children’s Serum 

I worked for this company before having Murphy so I have quite an impressive stash
of this product and the one below! To be completely honest, I never thought these products
were anything out of the ordinary but since having a baby they have become one of
my favorite parts of our nightly routine. I just rub this serum on Murphy when she gets
out of the bath and then follow up with the lotion below.

Roe Wellness Baby Biome Barrier Cream

Murphy has had numerous random rashes that have popped up and I always rely on this lotion
as a barrier and it hasn’t let me down! Always grateful to have a clean and nontoxic staple!
If you need another recommendation try Tubby Todd’s All Over Ointment!

Bath Toy Storage – 2 Piece Baby Bathtub Toy Holder
with Removable Base for Draining

We just started adding toys to the bath and when we’re done they track water everywhere!
We only have one shower so having a place to store the bath toys is a must!

Baby Balance Bike

My mom sent me this and I immediately fell in love!
More of a toddler toy but I could not resist adding it!

I had so much fun putting together this gift guide- Thanks for taking the time to browse!

Abby Pothier

**Note: this post contains affiliate links, but only to things that are tried and true that we think you will love!

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  1. Dear Abby, thank you so much for this post (I would love to read more from you). It reassured me what to buy for my 9 month old baby girl.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your upcoming gift guides as well, especially what to get adult kids around your older daughters age/stage (graduated but still getting established in the career but no kids yet). So fun to have so many stages of life in your immediate family and be able to recommend so many great ideas to your readers!

  3. Even tho I haven’t got children I still enjoyed this.

    I love that Claire & Murphy have got the same stuffed toy, that is lovely & I know it will help Claire when she’s on her mission & missing Murphy.

    I can’t believe that Murphy is nearly 6 months old now. She’s so cute. x

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