Isn’t the world amazing? Don’t you think that even when you’re in the grumpiest of moods, being out enveloped in it’s goodness can’t help but make you feel better?

I have found that it sure does the trick on transforming a cantankerous teenager. And also her mother.

On Saturday Lu and I found we had a couple hours to ourselves (Dave was busy with school and Claire had a date). So we decided to ride our trusty tandem to Lucy’s favorite eatery: Chick-Fil-A. (Is this every teenager’s favorite place to eat or is that just my kids??)

Anyway, our idea turned out to be more of an adventure than we bargained for since we ended up riding through a construction area where we had to carry the bike over a deep step-off (I’m sure the drivers in that intersection got an eyeful of this lady lugging a tandem bike around next to a girl maneuvering her way through the dirt with a white cane…we were a little bit of a spectacle!).

But oh! I loved sitting on the curb, snuggled close and hearing Lucy spill out some thoughts as we waited for our food:

…and riding through the sunset, arms outstretched with the goodness of the world cradling us.

Finding a random little bench en route home where we could sit and talk as the sun sank lower and she ate her chicken nuggets and we raced home before it got too dark.

Lucy claims it’s just the same to drive a car to Chick-Fil-A. But I hope some part of her will remember how the world lifted her along as she pedaled with her mama who adores her that night, the gentle breeze, the smells, the sounds, and even the construction zone we braved. That little sliver of life that we claimed as our own.

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