This summer some friends came to town.

They were staying a little distance from us, so we packed up for the drive we had ahead of us to go visit with them.

On the way out the door I grabbed a couple books I had been meaning to read with my girls that a generous publisher had sent to our family:

As you can imagine, we had some eye-rollers when I pulled those puppies out for my kids to read aloud as we drove.

Or maybe you can’t imagine if you have young kids. So right here and now I’ll give you young mothers some advice: take advantage of the non-eye-rolling stage of life! Ha!

But, as I have learned over the years, car rides are the best places in the world for captive audiences, eye-rollers or not, and we did read through those books.

And do you know what? We had the best discussion filling up that car with questions and thoughts and most importantly, with love.

I talked a bunch about fighting pornography back HERE, and I’m so grateful for books like these to provide a platform for having important conversations with kids. One of my all-time favorite book guides is my parents How to Talk to your Child about Sex (which you can find HERE). And these “Protect Young Minds” books are such a great way to take that kind of conversation even deeper.

These conversations are some of the most important to have with children these days. Our world is overrun with things that can confuse and infiltrate darkness into our families. With all the technology available at every turn, our kids are bound to see confusing things. We as parents have the power to help come up with tactics to have an offensive family plan and to open communication. These books are awesome to help us figure that out WITH our kids.

For more information go check out their webside HERE.

And you can find the books HERE and HERE. And the Protect Young Minds Instagram is HERE.

Books or no books, may we all join together in this fight to “protect young minds” and keep those conversations open. Open conversations have power. Despite the eye-rolling that may come our way in the process!

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