I left out a few Aspen Grove/Aspen-Grove-aftermath pictures that I must add on.

Because seriously, look how excited Claire is about her skit on the last night:How could I have left that cute face out??

And then there was the “Family Dance Night” the last night.
Those kids AND adults had so much fun I could hardly stop taking pictures and video footage (especially since it excused me from dancing…I have not a bone of dance coordination in my body so I really don’t belong in Dave’s family…have I mentioned that every single person in his family has some serious moves?)

(I think Claire was even more excited about that dance than she was about that skit up at the top.)

The guy from “Will It Blend” was there at the same time we were:
Max was pretty excited about that one.

I left out the pictures from when my parents came to meet us up at Sundance after we checked out of Aspen Grove.
The kids were delighted to get some signature Grammie and Grandfather undivided attention.
They eat it up.

Dave and I went to lunch at Sundance right after we got engaged all those years ago.
So it goes without saying that we love that place.

On our way back to Park City we drove past Bridal Veil Falls.
That’s where Dave kissed me for the first time after I got home from my mission. Maybe that’s TMI but I love that place. I love going down memory lane too, can you tell?

I got to have an impromptu lunch with some of my high school girlfriends since Lu and I had some extra time after Dave left on the road to drive back with the kids:Oh man I love those girls.

Here’s a collage of the gorgeous nature my Dad and I found on a little hike we went on together.
I think he was probably kicking himself that he taught me to love nature a little TOO much as he waited again and again for me to capture this or that on my little camera.

I think I am addicted to taking airplane pictures, but I love the vantage point from up so high.

These are from our flight home: The people I sit next to in flights must think I’m nuts as I sit snapping all these pictures, but don’t you think the Great Salt Lake looks pretty?
Back home to desert flatness:
…with a mountain poking up here and there and green golf courses abounding.
It’s always good to be home.

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  1. So you and Lucy flew home instead of driving with the others? Is that for Lucy's and everyone elses benefit?
    I absolutely loved your photos. What a fun family reunion. They're always the best.

  2. I knew we must know some of the same people 🙂 I went to the U with Sarah Pingree Graham and went to high school and grew up in the same stake as her husband. Small world this Mormon world is! 🙂

  3. I enjoy taking pictures out of the airplane window too! I always think that people must figure I've never been on a plane before, but the view from the sky is just too beautiful to sit there with my nose in a book the whole time!

  4. Hey Shawni, that was a fun post to read since I just went to all those same places twice in the last month. Man it is gorgeous up there. It looks like you guys had an amazing trip.

  5. That video of your daughter Claire is AWESOME! Reading about your Aspen Grove reunion brings back so many memories for me. I've been there a couple of times with my family. I agree best place ever!

  6. I have a question. I'm sure this kind of answer is hard to sum up in one post, but I'm an LDS mom to two little girls and I would like to know your opinion on how to end up with the grown up families you and your husband are part of. How do parents do it so they don't lose any of their kids (spiritually, emotionally, etc.)?

  7. oh so funny! the video and the girl standing next to claire with arms folded! hilarious!

    love the photos, looks an amazing place for a holiday:) we just got back from a weekend with all of my husband's 6 brothers and sisters and wives and husbands and cousins. there is something so special about those cousins and my kids haven't stopped asking when we are going to see them again

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