Wow, how in the world is it April? How did Easter come and go so fast?  Why do I feel like I just got hit by a truck? 🙂 Some day I’ll get to posting all the stuff we’ve been up to, but for now enjoy this cool thing Elle whipped up last night:

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!

    I would be forever indebted to your sweet girl if she would do a post and pleeease explain how to make videos like these!!! : ) I am so eager to capture moments like this on video of my own family and don't know how!

    Blessings! xo Jennifer

  2. Okay Elle…I'm dying to know how you make those awesome videos! Do you use your camera, video camera, or phone? Tutorial pretty please???

  3. I second (er…third!) what the others have said….tutorial on how you make your incredible videos, please!! You've got a gift, Elle!

  4. That was so cute. Big families are awesome.
    Just curious Shawni….what were you making in that video? It looked like broken up Twinkies or something.

  5. AWESOME! I love this–it captures FAMILY, EASTER, LOVE, TRADITION and JOY! Way to go, Elle, for making this. You have a huge knack for this! Go girl!

  6. Lovely video, love seeing your family! And I LOVE the green grass and everyone barefoot! I so miss the green grass (we don't have a garden). And I'm jealous of your weather. I know I won't be in a few months when it's really hot over there, but we are dealing with extreme low temps (they say it hasn't been so cold in 135 years) and though I'm a Winter person at heart I'm so ready for Spring …

  7. Maybe when Elle does a post about how she made the video, she could include some of her favorite songs- I agree with the comment above as I know I'll be buying that song by one republic! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! Impressive! I love how she captures the overall feeling with little clips. Beautifully done!

    Quick question: Where did you get the egg cups? I've been looking for cute ones without luck for quite a while now.

  9. Tell Elle that I love her! This has just become my new favourite song that I put on repeat and had a dance party to, oblivious to the fact that the people walking by my house were staring at me as I danced away…. Gorgeous video!

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